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High and Low Testosterone Levels in Men

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FDA adding general warning to testosterone products about potential for venous blood clots. I utilize injections with my female patients as well, and again, dosing is critical. I have gained a lot of weight in the past 9 months. Have you seen a correlation between low testosterone and poor soft tissue healing?

7 Symptoms of Low Testosterone in Women

Thank you for your help Best regards. Well my lvls are between This sends your testosterone levels soaring for the first month and then plummeting over the next I workout days a week. These have metabolites that are harmful to the body. This means that all the pellets are made in exactly the same way, and will absorb along the same time frame.

I prefer to play it completely safe and gather the data from blood testing with my clients. With oral testosterone, there is more potential for an effect on the liver. Females should have a value for their free testosterone FT that falls between 0. Once testosterone supplementation has begun, the ovaries and adrenal glands which are the primary sources of testosterone production in females tend to decrease their own output.

So, in order to keep the benefits of testosterone supplementation, a female needs to continue it. Cost can be a factor in making such a decision, but supplementing testosterone via a transdermal method certainly costs much less than a cup of coffee each day.

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They are both bioidentical from a compounding pharmacy. Should I be concerned about the proper absorption? Any insight is appreciated! Thank you for visiting the site! I am glad that you are on track to improve your hormonal health. Managing hypothyroidsim can be tricky but either a naturally desiccated thyroid product like Nature-Throid or time-released compounded option is best. For these oral preparations work well.

When it comes to testosterone, bio-identical vs. Keep in mind, that even bio-identical hormones are man-made and are therefore synthetic. These have metabolites that are harmful to the body. For estrogen and progesterone, topical administration of bio-identicals have proven to be the safest route.

As for testosterone, there is no issue with the metabolites of commercially available or compounded preparations. However, oral testosterone has historically been the most dangerous route of testosterone delivery. We recommend either topical application, or injections given directly into the muscle, and we heavily favor testosterone replacement therapy via intramuscular injection.

I hope this helps! I just started on sub lingual testosterone. I had a partial hysterectomy in Feb I have been on HRT for 27 yrs as I started memo early. I have been a athlete all my life , never really had a period and started on HRT at I just started to have anxiety which i never did before.

My GYN prescribe 2 mg of compounding Troche for 5 days then off 2 I am also taking Mg natural compounding progesterone 4 x daily and I am on a 1. I feel it is too much testosterone and have cut it down to. Do need a different T? You have many medication that could exacerbate anxiety, but if you have a history of being sensitive to medications, it is always best to start low and slow and titrate dosing based on your symptoms and safety.

I have been experiencing weight gain, difficulty losing weight, hair loss, inability to concentrate, fatigue and very low libido. My doctor just recently checked my Testosterone levels and the results came back as the following. Everything I can find on this says these are technically normal levels though 1. Could my symptoms be caused from these levels and would you consider them low? I would recommend ensuring that your free testosterone level was not derived from the direct test. This is what is commonly ordered, and per The Endocrine Society, it should not be used clinically.

Your calculated free testosterone cFT will be much more accurate. Making sure that your TSH is below 3. I have just had my hormones tested at 41 42 in a few months. I have hashimotos hypothyroid and have been managing that for years. I am still suffering hair thinning, and mild fatigue, and no libido at all.

Gyn ran some tests and has prescribed testosterone cream -would you agree that my results are low and that. My results were taken during ovulation in the morning:. Given your symptoms, that is certainly likely. With progesterone and estrogen levels, it is vitally important to know when in your cycle, blood was drawn to accurately assess the numbers. Additionally, with testosterone, it is vitally important to know what your.

Typically, most providers order the direct, free testosterone test which is clinically useless. We do use different units of measure, but these labs do indicate a free testosterone deficiency, and I would expect that this is contributing to your symptoms.

Topical testosterone therapy is an option, but in my experience, it is not the best one. Consistent application, proper monitoring, and time will tell if you are on the right dose, but that seems like a good starting point. I am currently working in the Middle East expat and we only have access to the topical treatment.

Not sure what these mean but I will start to use the cream in the vaginal area as advised and see if I notice any difference in the next few months? Next time you have labs done, you may want to ask them to run an albumin and SHBG so that you can calculate your free testosterone. Also, you may want to be careful with vaginal application as this may worsen the potential side effect of clitoral enlargement. Thank you for a great article.

My obgyn checked my levels after my complaints of stalled weight loss despite effort being made. She said that's considered undetectable. Tired and gained 14lbs in 5 days. Called and said I am not taking these lol.

More to my story is im 10 years with thyroid Cancer. I take synthroid at 6am mcg and cytomel 10mcg at 1pm. I was taking them between thyroid meds. I chalked it up to the estrogen in the DHEA. So I tried the testosterone alone at 11am for the past week.

Feel extra tired and more weight coming. Any idea what's causing this??? I don't like my testosterone undetectable but I like to workout and see benefits. I am sorry that you have had such a rough go of it lately.

Keep in mind that there is no estrogen in DHEA. Rather, it is first metabolized, giving rise to androstenedione and androstenediol. Likewise, testosterone is metabolized through aromatization into estradiol.

Estrone, estradiol, and estriol are ALL estrogens. This may not be a bad thing if you are estrogen deficient. However, if you DO NOT have estrogen deficiency, or if you DO have progesterone deficiency, this could mean that estrogen activity could rise above normal, causing unwanted side effects such as fluid retention. Based on your history, this is the likely culprit for your rapid weight gain. Your thyroid history sounds a bit delicate, but for what it is worth, I much prefer a natural dessicated thyroid medication to Synthroid and Cytomel.

To better balance things, you need to know your free testosterone, estradiol, and progesterone levels. I need another way to build my testosterone levels other than just exercising. I'm thinking that maybe the birth control that I have been prescribed to called Lutera can help but I haven't taken it yet.

I was given this by a planned parenthood about 4 months ago and I don't know the side effects nor what it can do to help but maybe you can help with some advice. I don't want anything bad to happen to me because I'm clueless about what happens if my level is lower than a 2. Thank you for commenting.

While this can be serious, taking time to make the right decision for you and your hormonal health need not cause significant worry. Keep in mind that estradiol, one form of estrogen that is found in Lutera, is monitored by the hypothalamus. When your brain recognizes that your estradiol levels are increased, it assumes that estrogen, and thereby testosterone production is normal. Therefore, it is possible that taking birth control will further lower your testosterone levels.

I have all of the above symptoms fatigue, weight gain, mood swings, hair loss, restless sleeping and prolong time in the sun I itch like crazy dry skin I suppose. I had a hysterectomy removed cervix, tubes, uterus, but left my overies, I know my hormones are off I feel a different me, especially when the pre me was a day strength training 2.

Now I walk 2. And how can this not be covered, this is not normal living, I feel like I have the flu without the sick and dragging 10 bags of sand behind ne everyday. And who do I complain to at the insurance company, this is quality of life for women, it should be covered and part of hysterectomy treatment.

Any help or advice you can give me would help. Thank you very much for visiting the site. It is always much more difficult to work through symptoms like this when the contrast between where you were and where you are is so great. I understand that burden that these changes have caused, and I do very much hope that you are able to find someone locally who is knowledgeable, thorough, AND affordable. While there are components of TRT that insurances are unlikely to pay for because testosterone is not FDA approved for women , they do often cover the labs and office visits.

This can greatly reduce costs, but of course it depends on your plan. We offer cash plans that help to bring costs down, so I would hope that there are clinics in San Antonio that do the same. Make sure you do your homework, but I would expect that you can find someone to help locally.

At any rate, they will have liaisons whose job it is to handle such grievances. I also have low estrogen levels. In reading some of your comments here I see you do NOT recommend pellet therapy. Any suggestions is appreciated. Thank you for stopping by. My issues with pellets are many, but here are some of the biggest problems:. Safety — There is no time-release properties to the pellets they use.

This means that all the pellets are made in exactly the same way, and will absorb along the same time frame. So, your numbers will shoot very high most often too high in the first month, and then plummet over the next months. This introduces more risk, and puts you on a huge hormonal roller coaster ride. Lack of oversight — Labs are drawn haphazardly and too infrequently. Without frequent visit, and regular labs, it is impossible to know how you are truly responding to therapy.

Limited responsiveness — Once the decision is made to try to load you up with 6 months worth of medication, you are belted into the roller coaster until it comes to a stop. Balancing testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, and thyroid hormone production is very difficult, and needs to be approached in a careful, thorough, and responsive manner. Hi im 29 and just miscarried 3 weeks go. I went to have my hormones check anf my testosterone levels came back at 74 the nurse described this as being alittle high.

I ve been reading other stories that people indicate this is a normal range. Units of measure matter, so understand that I am making some assumptions here. That being said, the lab and analyzer used also matter.

I recently received by blood and my testosterone was less than 3 and free testosterone direct was 0. Obviously testosterone is low but what does free of 0. I also have low vitamin B and D and have had a partial hysterectomy 12 years ago. The dr gave me a prescription to take to a compound pharmacy for testosterone cream. Why would I consider the shot vs other alternatives? You are correct, both numbers do seem low. However, The Endocrine Society recommends against using the direct free testosterone test clinically, as it is a flawed assay.

Your free testosterone is the most important number to consider, but it has to be measured in the right way. You would get a more accurate picture by determining your calculated free testosterone cFT , but different labs will likely need to be ordered.

Vitamin D deficiency could certainly be contributing to this issue, but it is highly unlikely that normalizing your Vitamin D levels would in turn normalize your testosterone production. For those that do, response is often lackluster. The proper use of topicals requires very consistent and proper application. Missing doses, showering too soon, sweating too heavily, and displacement of medication by clothes or bed sheets can all reduce the efficacy of the medication.

Also, it can come off on others who do not need extra testosterone. Pellet therapy is an option, but it is one we recommend against. They do use a plant based sterol for sourcing, but it is still lab-manipulated to create a pharmaceutical grade powder. The biggest issue with pellets is that they try to use too much medication at once, and the pellets do not have time-release properties. So, the six months worth of pellets all begin to dissolve immediately.

This sends levels, and risk, sky-rocketing for the first month, and plummeting thereafter. This roller coaster ride of risk and serum concentration is something that should be avoided. I have traditionally seen little oversight with TRT via pellet therapy, the medication is not FDA approved, and the implantation method is more invasive and carries with it a greater risk of scarring and infection.

Finally, pellets are not covered by insurance. This is why I believe strongly that injections are the best answer. I dose my patients weekly, which allows me to use the lowest effective dose, while minimizing potential risks. TRT is not FDA approved for women, but we use name brand medication that is reliable, consistent, and effective.

An environment of careful monitoring, while any patient is on TRT. Injections are the form that best fit within such an environment. There is so much conflicting info.

On hair loss which has left me totally confused. Mine started in perimenopause with the onset of irregular periods. I tried a progesterone cream which made things worse. Level was 22 total -free test 1. By supplementing with test. I acually was prescribed t3 which made me a nervous wreck so I stopped ft3 was 3.

Yes, the information out there about hair loss IS confusing. Mainly, because there is not a lot of consensus. Hormonal issues can certainly cause hair to thin and fall out. This could be related to testosterone deficiency, and possibly to thyroid irregularities, among a sea of other possibilities.

Supplementing with testosterone is likely to increase DHT, not lower it. Your DHT levels can be tested to find out exactly where you are. The initial treatment phase with any hormone can be rough. The key is going slow with dosing, knowing what to expect, and staying consistent with therapy if it is something that should help.

For thyroid function, I expect to see a FT3 of 3. I am a 59 year old woman, who had a hysterectomy at age 49, followed by estrogen hormone therapy, which resulted in breast cancer the following year. I had lumpectomy and radiation for 30 days. I was also diagnosed with hypothyroidism shortly after the breast cancer and treatment… possibly from the radiation. I am taking thyroid medication also.

My doctor at first was very holistic and spent lots of time with me determining what I needed. As of late, she seems to be just biding her time till retirement and has given into the system since Obamacare. She just sent me a letter telling me that my latest blood tests showed my testosterone at Also, my free T4 level 1.

My TSH is 0. I have no idea what these levels mean…. I am sorry to hear that your care has become less thorough. For your testosterone levels, looking at total only will not give an adequate picture.

My recommendation to my patients is that we manage dosing by targeting your free testosterone levels. Different tests are needed to get that information.

I have received mixed reviews, but you can try HerKare. Ultimately, you want a thorough clinician who is able to answer your questions with confidence. The provider, and their preparedness, is more important than the organization. Do I need testosterone therapy? Understand that the biggest indicator of the need for therapy is the severity of your symptoms. That being said, evaluation of accurate lab data, and careful consideration of side effects are paramount to making a sound decision.

Based on your labs, and indication of symptoms, it does appear that you may benefit from TRT. Your calculated free testosterone is below the normal range. I finally broke down two months ago and tried pelleting. My labs right before pelleting were. I have not noticed any change, other than feeling more agitated. My symptoms are all those listed in this article. Of all the side effects, my hope was to increase my energy and libido.

I don't know what to try next. The biggest issues I have with pellets is lack of consistency and potential for increased risk. Right now, with pellets, your numbers are going higher than they need to be in the first month or so, then lower than they should be months in. We manage our patients by testosterone injections, which allow us to use the lowest effective dose, and maintain more consistent levels. This is what is necessary for your body to start utilizing the hormone appropriately again.

I would recommend trying a different approach to treatment before giving up on testosterone, and make sure your clinician is following your free testosterone levels.

My most recent blood work was great with two exceptions. Progesterone was low I supplement transdermally. And Testosterone was low. ENTs have ruled out everything else.

I will make a followup appointment with my doctor, who does want to supplement, but in the meantime, I am quite curious. I too have seen dizziness listed as a symptom with patients who have low testosterone.

However, I would say that it is somewhat uncommon. The symptoms are essentially the same in both men and women. In recent lab work my TSH was 5. I am premenopausal, have trouble focusing something that has never really been remedied since I was diagnosed with Hashimotos, and I seem to have more difficulty recovering from injuries. I have had a chronic soft tissue injury for 3.

Have you seen a correlation between low testosterone and poor soft tissue healing? I am planning to start bio-identical hormones. I understand there are creams and sublingual methods of delivery. Does one tend to work better than the other? My understanding is creams are applied daily where sublingual hormones need to be taken twice daily.

What is a reasonable amount of time I should expect to feel better after starting these medications?

It does sound as if your thyroid issues could be managed better. It becomes very arbitrary, and all too often means that clinicians are determining medical decisions based on lab ranges that are highly variable and frequently vague.

I would expect some initial issues with side effects, part and parcel to fluctuating hormone levels, and then more positive changes in weeks. For testosterone, the bio-identical issue is essentially irrelevant. I prefer injections for TRT for women, but there are not many clinics offering that option. My last resort would be oral preparations. Which is VERY low. I am 48 years old this month, I think I am perimenopausal but all my other hormone tests have come back within standard range, so far.

Standard range for this is. Mine is lower than a post menopausal woman. I have no idea what this means. Nor what one would do because of this. That is a very low cFT. With the right symptoms, and a thorough history and physical, you would likely be considered a candidate for TRT. The range you listed, 0. The first thing to do would be to schedule a consultation with clinician who focuses on the treatment of hormonal deficiencies. You would likely benefit from an evaluation of your estrogen, progesterone, and thyroid hormone levels as well.

I am 67 years old, in the last year I have had my testosterone level checked twice. Both times it came back zero. My hair is very thin no hair on legs or underarms, this started about 4 years ago. Can you guide me in the right direction as to what I should do. While male pattern hair growth in women hirsutism is a potential side effect of TRT, it is not an absolute. Evaluating the potential benefits, and weighing them against these risks, and others like clitoral enlargement or deepening of the voice, are important when considering TRT.

That being said, if your care is appropriately cautious, side effects should be limited to non-existent. I came across this site after finding out my results from the lab were as follows: I am a 35 year old mother of 4, with frequent migraines, chronic fatigue, weight gain in belly, problems sleeping, extremely low sex drive, problems with orgasm, body acne, hair loss, many years of depression and anxiety and mood swings.

In fact, I was diagnosed as bipolar! Cysts on ovarys, as well. I am on birth control. My only recommendation was to stop birth control if I am conserned. I would have to respectfully disagree with your doctor, based on the limited information I have on your symptoms and labs. Stopping oral contraceptives is almost always a recommendation of mine. I am a mother of three boys. I have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety.

I have gained a lot of weight in the past 9 months. I have had periods that are heavy and really long for 6 months Then all of the periods still lasted 7 days but it is very light and spotted.

My gyno tested my blood and these are my results. To round out evaluation of thyroid function, I would recommend looking at your free T3, along with your symptoms, it would be most helpful in establishing a game plan. Your free testosterone level is suspect, given your total of I would recommend a repeat and a look at your calculated free testosterone. With the cycle changes you have experienced, I would definitely want to look at your estrogen and progesterone levels too.

This would be best done in your mid-luteal phase. I am a 65 year old female. My doctor tested my hormone levels and they came back low. The result was Testosterone Free Direct 1. Testosterone Total was 8. I have Osteoporosis Your total testosterone is definitely on the low side of normal, and it is certainly contributing to the osteoporosis and osteopenia.

The direct free test is a very poor assay, and I would strongly recommend utilizing a calculated free testosterone instead. If managed by injections, testosterone cypionate once weekly is typically sufficient and dosing would be better started around the 10 mg mark. Low testosterone levels can definitely cause decreased quality of sleep, as well as many other symptoms. Your levels should normalize in just a few weeks, but it will be before you feel significantly better if managed appropriately.

I hope that helps! Thank you very much, I appreciate your reply! Yes, I have a myriad of symptoms! I will speak to my doctor about the test you suggested. Your success will primarily depend on three issues: Best of luck to you with everything! I am a 17 year old female. I am very sorry to hear about your troublesome symptoms. The issues you are describing certainly sound like they are hormonally influenced. Iam 51 and my levels are Estordial…6 Progesterone..

Are these numbers low??? Assuming we are talking about the same units of measure they vary , all of those numbers are very low. They suggest that you need testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone replacement. Your symptoms appear to confirm that as well. Whomever you choose to see, make sure that they have specific expertise in managing this type of hormonal health.

I am 53 and my levels are: Hello I am 53 and here are my levels from recent blood test collected on day 21 of my cycle: I have been so tired, sluggish, no energy and cloudy thinking. They suggest testosterone cream and progesterone capsules at bedtime. What are your thoughts? It looks like the proposed therapy is warranted. The most important part of treatment has to do with ongoing management.

Make sure that your provider does their due diligence in monitoring the most appropriate metrics for testosterone therapy. Thank you again for your respond. Also with it do anything to my current menstrual cycle? You are very welcome.

That therapy should help. There are many mitigating factors. Compliance of application, your ability to absorb the medication, concentration of the medication, and proper adjustments based on your response are just a few. If everything is on track, you should start feeling better in weeks. Free Testosterone Direct 0. Direct free testosterone levels are, unfortunately, clinically useless.

What you will need to look at most closely is your calculated free testosterone levels. You will need your total testosterone, SHBG, and albumin levels to calculate that. The hair on my legs have become sparser though. When I was younger I had to shave them at least twice per week. Also, I have never had eyebrows and my eyelashes are almost nonexistent.

Is any of this abnormal? However, hormonal issues can lead to thinning hair on your head, increased male patterned hair distribution, and changes in the rate of hair growth. Perhaps the best measuring stick that would help determine if a workup is warranted, is how quickly you feel things have changed in the past year. If these are relatively fast-changing symptoms, then I would lean toward having them investigated. Hi, I am 49 year old female and my testosterone free test is 1.

Do you consider that low? What are your thoughts. I get rather trepidatious when laying out an unqualified answer about whether something is low or not.

There are so many factors to consider. To name a few; we have to worry about accuracy of the test, the reference range for the particular lab, the units of measure, your symptoms, and of course the type of test ordered. With free testosterone testing, only a calculated free T or equilibrium dialysis is acceptable. For the studies I order, I consider a normal calculated free testosterone range for a female to be between 0.

So, in that setting, your number would be normal. However, if you are heavily symptomatic, there could still be an issue. I know of no countdown that you would be under to start bioidenticals prior to menopause, aside from keeping you from feeling the dynamic and untoward symptoms of that transition. Hi, I am suffering from mentioned symptoms such as low libido, weight management issues although i practice a kcal diet 6 days a week and on day 7 and exercise 3 days a week.

I have had hair loss and find very difficult to recover after aerobic activities.. My TT level is at 6. I am 33 yo with regular cycles and no kids. Would you consider my testosterone levels to be low? What should i ask my doctor? How can i improve on my symptoms..? By the number, IF that is a calculated free T, you are technically not low.

However, I never recommend treating just a number. The first thing to ask your doctor is if they are completely comfortable treating testosterone, thyroid, estrogen, and progesterone deficiencies. If the answer is anything other than a resounding yes…you may need to start elsewhere. Hi, so glad to have found your website! I am 39 and had a complete hystorectomy at I also have hypothyroidism and take Armour Thyroid 60mg daily.

I also take zoloft 50mg for anxiety. I have had course chin hair since the hystorectomy that I must pluck daily. My latest blood results came back with high Free Testosterone direct: She has proscribed Spironolactone 50mg 2x day to help lower my free testosterone.

Other levels are FT4: I am glad you found us too! I would bet that your calculated free testosterone is actually low. By the way, a direct free testosterone asssay is a really sub-standard test and The Endocrine Society has advised that it not be used clinically. Looking at your calculated free T may provide some valuable insight. Your provider will need your total testosterone, albumin, and SHBG sex hormone binding globulin to utilize the algorithm.

Keep in mind that spironolactone only blocks androgenic effect, it does not lower T levels. Hi, I am 36 and have been struggling with extreme fatigue, hair loss, brain fog, low libido, and weight gain for a few months now. My doctor ran some bloodwork and TSH, T3, etc all came back normal.

Testosterone came back at 28 range — is that a good number for my age? Should I be getting any other levels related to testosterone checked? You seem to be suffering from classic symptoms of hypothyroidism. I would recommend getting a second opinion on possible treatment options and a very thorough review of your thyroid function.

Also, total testosterone levels can be very deceiving. To know if you testosterone levels are adequate, you should have your calculated free testosterone evaluated.

I am suffering from terrible hair loss. I cannot get a straight answer. Unfortunately, I hear this quite a bit. First, some specifics; your calculated free testosterone is 0. This number is normal from 0. This study should not be used clinically and is entirely worthless.

Also, its DHT an active metabolite of testosterone that affects hair follicles, not testosterone directly. Beyond that, if you are going to experience androgenic influenced patterned hair loss, that is a genetic thing, not a testosterone thing. I am 49 and I am going thru menopause and I have gained weight. I workout days a week. I experience hot flashes, low sex drive.

I had my levels test and my testosterone level were pretty low. Would you consider depo shot oil based testosterone? Hi, I feel miserable. No quality of life. My Doctor just ran bloodwork for adrenal fatigue of which I was treated for 3 years ago , perimenopaus, and hypothyroidism. She informed me that I was at the very start of Perimenopaus and believes I am once again going through adrenal fatigue.

My testosterone is 8 and my DHEA is Should I seek out an endocrinologist? Your testosterone levels definitely seem to be an issue. Your free testosterone matters much more than your total. You may need a second opinion, but rarely ironically do endocrinologists take care of these issues well. I had a hysteroscopy ablation for fibroids and heavy bleeding. My doctor did a blood test. Now she has put me on nature-throid 65mg and implant of a hormone bio pellet..

After doing more research I think this might have been a mistake. Please tell me what I should have done differently. To answer this question appropriately, I would have to know what pre-treatment symptoms your were having. Same goes for TRT; if your symptoms indicated that testosterone deficiency was causing issues, treatment may have been warranted even with a low normal free testosterone.

Thank you for responding back to me. So what kind of treatment would you recommend. I have started gaining weight. And my husband complains about low sex drive. Can you please recommend a doctor in Los Angeles?

My testosterone level is a 9 or a I have mood swings and anxiety. Looking to get back to normal! Thanks for your help! Arm yourself with a list of good questions and hopefully you can find someone local to help you get things back on track!

I had a total hysterectomy including ovaries at age stopped oral estradiol at age Had thyroid removed for non malignant lesions not hashimotos at age take Levothyroxine- I tried Armour thyroid for 2 years with no improvement. When my TSH was at 0. I believe my last TSH was around 1. HDLs still are good. I have not had any testosterone level testing. Do you fee it would be worth my time to pursue testosterone testing?

Would there be a practitioner in Nebraska or surrounding states you could refer me to? I am sorry to hear that you have been suffering with these symptoms. I would definitely recommend having your levels tested. I actually do have colleagues in Nebraska. Check them out at. Since the menopause people are mistaking me for a male…. It certainly could, but in menopause there are multiple hormonal change that should be addressed when symptoms occur. Hi, I am 30yrs old and suffer from low libido and hair loss for about 5 yrs.

Two things to consider: To get a handle on what your true free testosterone is, you will need your total, albumin, and SHBG. I am always most suspicious of thyroid issues with hair loss. I started the testosterone in syringe initially. I felt it was too much, and switched to the daily cream, 25 mg.

When should I see changes and what are the changes I should feel? Your response will first depend on your absorption and dosing. I utilize injections with my female patients as well, and again, dosing is critical. All other variables aside, you should start feeling better in the second month of therapy. Should I use the cream? While TRT should have no significant impact on fatty liver disease, I always prefer injections over topicals for testosterone therapy.

I am a female, age Have had a hysterectomy, but have ovaries. Temperature most of my life has been 97…. My reverse T3 ratio is I was on it for 7 months. I was on that for 3 months, and quit 3 weeks ago….

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man testosterone woman

Keep in mind that there is no time-release property to the pellets they implant. My testosterone is 8 and my DHEA is

man testosterone woman

It does sound as if your thyroid issues could be managed better. How Much is Enough?

man testosterone woman

I am premenopausal, have trouble focusing something that has never really been remedied since I was diagnosed with Hashimotos, and I seem to have more difficulty recovering from man testosterone woman. Also, its DHT an active metabolite of testosterone that affects hair follicles, not testosterone directly. Lynn, You are correct, both numbers do seem low. Testosterone is a powerful hormone, with the ability to control wokan driveregulate sperm man testosterone woman, promote muscle mass, increase energy, and even influence human behavior such as aggression and competitiveness. ENTs have ruled out everything else. Learn the most common signs low testosterone low T.