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The process of growing up can be difficult for a child; the digestive processes. Ask your surgeon about this complication. After ten days i began to use ordinary moisture cream along the scar. It has been 10 days since I had a warthins tumor removed. Finally at Mayo CLinic I have just been diagnosed with a parotid tumor The nerve connected to my ear was damaged though so I'm experiencing numbness on my right ear, however, everything else is fine so I'm thankful for that. Marrow is generally referred to assisting brain function or to bone marrow itself.

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The radiologist pulled 33 ccs of fluid from it, which relieved some of the pressure. He called today and the pathologist said he still can't pronounce the THREE tumors benign or malignant and we may know more tomorrow. The use of the law courts and other fora as a means of seeking redress: Smile is not fully back but I can eat well and just have slight drinking problems when drinking from a bottle with it spilling a little on my left side but not too bad. I had a parotidectomy approx 2 years ago. I had superficial Parotidectomy of benign Warthin's tumor on left side.

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GB3 Shangguan Anterior to the ear, in the depression directly above ST7 on the upper border of the zygomatic arch. GB14 Yangbai On the forehead directly above the pupil, 1 cun above the midpoint of the eyebrow. GB19 Naokong At the upper border of the external occipital protuberance, 2. GB20 Fengchi In the depression created between the origins of the Sternocleidomastoid and Trapezius muscles, at the junction of the occipital and nuchal regions. Lateral and level with GV GB21 Jianjing Midway between the spinous process of C7 GV14 and the acromion process at the highest point of the trapezius muscle.

GB22 Yuanye With the arm raised, 3 cun below the axilla on the midline in the 4th intercostal space, below HT1. GB25 Jingmen On the lateral side of the abdomen, at the lower border of the free end of the 12th rib. Search our relational database for: The tumor was biopsied 8 years earlier as benign pleomorphic adenoma.

Surgery went great with no nerve damage and surprisingly no post operative pain I'm told pain is common. Drain tube was removed after about 36 hours. Still have some swelling and numbness in cheek, jaw and ear. Fortunately this has been getting better every day. It sounds like your surgery went well. Where did you have it done and who did it for you? I had parotid gland removal surgery about 2 years ago.

About a month ago I started experiencing pain in my left ear, jaw and behind my eye. This is the same side the surgery was performed. Anybody had a problem like this?

It gets worse every day and I plan to make an appt with the Dr. Without any indication of something going on, I waited till the doctor recommended another MRI and was done on Nov one year later. Radiologist and ENT surgeon sent a report of the ff: Stable right parotid mass which may represent a lymph node. I am recently feeling slight discomfort and pain and headache. Occasional pain and throbbing pain is felt in the upper right ear.

Do I need to have surgery soon? I've been reading this site for the last week and I need your recommendation on this. I had a biopsy and CT scan and it revealed a 2cm on right side, and very small not sure of size but radiologist and ENT said very hard to see on left. Both are non cancerous Warthins tumors. Any info greatly appreciated. I had my surgery on March 4 and experiencing sharp pains inside my ears, dotors said everything was fine, but it is now almost 30 days and still experience it.

Dr said I have masses both sides ,could some one say how painful the post-op is on a scale of 1 starting - 10 unbearable? I understand the recovery time is 3 weeks till 6 months. Had a total perotidectomy three weeks ago. I cry everyday from the pain. Went back to surgeon and he brought his therapy dog in and did not address my pain. Feels like a screwdriver in my ear and my neck hurts so bad. I have a Warthin's tumor on the perotid gland, and have spent a year now attempting to avoid surgery.

Am feeling like I may need it now. I'm curious if anyone HAS had luck dealing non-surgically? Also, where to look for competent, experienced with this procedure surgeons? I am having a parotidectomy in a few weeks. I was just wondering if anyone had headaches that did not return after their surgery.

I have terrible headaches that I am really hoping will go way after this tumor is removed. I am sure that the stress of not knowing if it is malignant or not is not helping the headache issue. I am 8o yrs old and have been diagnosed with a tumor requiring a total parotidectomy,that is below my right ear. Because of my age and the possibility of side effects after the operation I am very reluctant to have the operation.

If not operated on what is the prognosis for the tumor to develop into a cancer, and aprox what sort of time can be expected for it to fully develop and cause death. Being 80 yrs old I would like to live without all the possible complications of an operation.

Still don't have my results back yet, so I'm concerned that this might mean a possible malignancy. A comment for Shelly Dobbins who asked about headaches stopping after surgery. YES, I suffered from terrible headaches at the base of my skull prior to having my surgery and they were completely gone following.

That was in I regained full movement of facial muscles by doing exercises, but do have Frey's syndrome Hope your surgery went well, Shelly. I am having problems with my balance and just a over-all foggy feeling in my head. It is getting better everyday, but I haven't found much on the internet about this being a post-op problem.

Has anyone else had this problem? It has been 10 days since I had a warthins tumor removed. The swelling is still there. After I left the hospital they told me to put ice on the area. It did not help. Should I use heat? I had one taken out 7 months ago in other side and swelling left after about 6 days. I have right parotid tumor located just front of my ear.

I went to a neurologist and after examine he said my nurves are completely ok. I am 85 years old living in Las Cruce, NM. Discovered 2 pea-sized nodes behind my left ear in May They did not bother me, so I paid no attention. In Early August I had my primary physician look at them. He sent me to a surgeon to have a biopsy done. The "surgeon", instead of a fine needle biopsy, scheduled a surgigal biopsy under local anasthesia.

On the operating table, the instant he inserted the anasthetic needle, I went through the roof with pain. He terminated the procedure and scheduled a new operation for a week later, this time under general anastesia. When I woke up I was in excruciating pain, which persisted round the clock.

The pain went on up to the minute I had my surgery. To make a long story short, I finally wised up and went to a ENT doctor who immediately arranged for parotid surgery in Albuquerque. In the meantime I had a PET scan which revealed the extent of the tumor on the salivary gland which was 29mm by 27mm in size as well as in another.

In the process I lost the lower third of my left ear and the feeling in my left cheek and parts of my left lower lip. I also have a somewhat drooping left eyelid which makes it a lttle more difficult to read. But I am entirely free of pain! There is still a rather large crust of black epidermis in front of my left rear which should drop off in the next three weeks. I make another report later after I get a copy of the surgery report.

I had superficial Parotidectomy of benign Warthin's tumor on left side. Went home same day. Not a lot of pain or swelling but numb left ear and part of jaw.

It goes away as soon as I get up. Has anyone else had both sides of face numb and tingly after the surgery? I am 50, female. My first gland removed at age in my 30's I guess. I had both removed the first one in Dec 95 and the second removed in the year in Sept. My dr assures me it's ok but it just doesn't feel right.

I'm concerned of the thick "spit", if you will I have very dry mouth. I think your neoplasm was pleomorphic adenoma which has a reputation of recurrence and it happened to you. I had a right Warthins tumor on the parotid gland removed 10 months ago. I have trouble with numbness of the ear and side of my face, it feels like a prostetic ear.

I also get alot of pain in the ear and now my throat is sore on that side and feels like I have two small lumbs. Also if I touch my face it shoots electric like feelings down my face and jaw line to my ear.

And if i touch my ear like when I am washing it it shoots to my face and down my jawline and neck. Feels like I am being electricuted and is painful. I would think I would be well healed by now. Does anyone else have anything like this? I'm having a parotidectomy at the end of this month.

How long in the hospital? Joan, hospital is usually 1 night, sometimes 2 nights. Also, to Judy L. My real problem is that I wake up in the mornings with numbness over my face slightly.

I am hoping it will clear up within a year, but I have read it can take slightly longer than a year sometimes. Also it is rare to have both sides of face get numb, so guess I am a rare case. I am sure yours will clear up over the next few months. About a year ago I found a lump under left ear. It didn't hurt so I basically ignored it. I mentioned it to the Dr. She did a needle biopsy that came back as Warthins tumor, benign. After searching the internet and seeing how big it could get I decided to have the superficial parotidectomy on left side.

Had surgery 5 days ago and it took about 6 hours. Afterwards I had bad nausea and balancing problem. Couldn't walk by myself without falling over. Both symptoms lasted into the night. Next day I still had a problem with balance but is going away mostly. So far the only complications I'm experiencing are moderate pain around left ear area and numbness of bottom half of left ear.

Also having a lot of pain in jaw area an inside of my mouth when I eat. Hoping this will go away soon cause it makes it hard to get enough nutrition down before the pain becomes unbearable. Didn't want this converting to cancer so I had the surgery but still not convinced it was the right thing to do. This site has been very helpful. I recently just had my second parotidectomy on the left side of my neck.

Thankfully I had no facial paralysis this time but I'm experiencing a lot of swelling to where my vision is being affected. I don't remember this from my first parotidectomy. Also have a lot of pressure in my left ear, feels like died caked blood.

Idk crewing a little concerned, had anybody else experienced this? I've been doing a lot of research and know approx surgery duration 2 to 5 hrs, hospital stay 1 to 3 days and months for the numbness to go away. What I don't know is how long I will be out of work, when I can drive and resume my normal life. I know it depends on the individual but a round about approximation. Update from 10 days ago. Been off work for 2 weeks now. Still feeling quite a bit of pain in left ear.

Feels like a bad infection inside ear. Scar is smaller than I thought it would be. Get shooting pain in surgical area every time i bend over. Since I'm a carpenter decided it would be best to wait a few more days before trying to go back to work. Still experiencing pain in my jaw when I eat. Not as bad as it was so it's getting better. Certain foods feel like they go thru the mouth lining and into the back side of the surgical area.

Asked dr about it and was told it's not out of what she would expect. Thinks it's the spices creating saliva and it gets the healing area.

Told to avoid spicey food for a few days. Go for daily walks to avoid boredom and get my strength back. Oh and bottom half of ear is still numb. Told it may or may not come back. Only time will tell in a few months. Hello I just had the parotid gland surgery 2 days ago and I am 46,I went home the same day, took about hours. I still have some swelling, mine was behind my left ear but the swelling is now in my left jaw line.

I don't really have pain of course I'm on some good meds, however I am anxious for the swelling to go down. Every person is different, obviously this is a common thing just from reading all of the threads, I say the best thing to do once you have it done is to rest good and just to take really good care of yourself and have someone police you to do that.

Your health is the greatest asset you have. Be blessed, live well beloveds. I am soo scared i am having an appointment in 2 weeks to come. What should i expect? My husband 43 years old had the parotid gland surgery on 23 Jun Saliva still leak through from wound even after 5 weeks surgery.

This is very annoyed and we feel worry now. Hope can get some advice. Hello to all I just recently had my 2nd Parotidectomy on July 1st. My first one was last year July 16th worth some facial paralysis. Thankful this time I have none just some slight pain when I chew. If anyone has any questions or concerns about the surgery please feel free to send me an email. Wishing everyone a speedy recovery!!

Hi there I am having a superficial parotidectomy on September 6th, I am very anxious about it but it helps to read all your comments. I had to stay in hospital two nights for my drain to clear but apart from that I found the whole operation alot less frightening than I expected. My scar incision went down my ear and then behind the ear and down neck but has been done in a way that it hardly shows.

It is healing very nicely. I have bruising to the jaw and behind the ear and seem to have a hard lump which I think is just swelling, I will await to ask the consultant on my follow up as to what that is. Apart from that I do not have alot of pain but I do have a lopsided mouth which they say it is hoped will go within 6 months.

I just feel thankful that the lump has been removed and I feel the operation went well. My droop and swelling at the moment I just feel is expected from the operation that this is.

I would say to anyone who is due to have this op not to worry as it is not anywhere as bad as I had anticipated and I feel blessed at how well it has all gone and how quick I am healing.

Good Luck to everyone who has had this op or is due to have this op. My "lump" under the left jawline just appeared one day about 18 months ago. My GP sent me for tests and then a fine needle biopsy was done about a year ago. By the next night the gland was swelling and I was in agony. In emerg antibiotics were prescribed. After two courses of those it subsided back to a plain lump again! Six months later another infection and more antibiotics. So I decided to go for surgery.

I have now had a 3cm Warthin Tumor removed five weeks ago. Draining stopped by the next day and there is no facial nerve damage. My scar has healed well. Apart from numbness of ear lobe which is apparently normal, my biggest complaint is inner ear pain and a sensation of deafness. Even though there is no hearing loss the ear feels as if it is "plugged up". As far as eating goes, I try to avoid chewing and sour taste foods as that seems to trigger more ear pain and discomfort under my jaw.

I'm hopeful that most or all of this will improve with time, and pray that I don't get another one in future. Good luck to everyone.

Front lobe of my parotid gland removed Aug 1, I expect the numbness will subside over time with some permanent residual What causes me concern is that my left ear and lobe are twice the size as my other ear. I have no feeling in the entire left outer ear, which I can live with, but the deformity looks awful.

Well my husband had this surgery 3 days ago, he's very strong and active guy even at his age, 67 , everything was great since the first night of the surgery, not malignant so we only stayed one night in the hospital, he had a keep the drainage for 4 days and something it worried us that numbness ear, but I read that's normal. So who ever going to have this surgery, don't feel panic or worry. I pray for everything going well for my husband and he's great, he has doctor appointment to remove the drainage.

He since got out from hospital next day of the surgery he only used pain pills one time. Good luck to people need this surgery and God bless you.

My advise ask about doctor history and do it. I'm having a parotidectomy in 3 weeks time. I am probably reading too much on this. Can anyone tell me how they felt after surgery. How long is recovery. I am currently having neck spasm but I wonder if this is all stress related as I have no pain in the site area of the tumour.

Which is a pleomorphic adeoma. It's all such a shock I'm 50 years of age. Started taking stitches out on Friday and will return on Monday to have rest removed. Having a parotiectomy on Sept 23, This forum helped me to ask questions to all involved. I will write on this blog asap after the surgery to tell you more of my experiences. Hi I am a 30 yr old mother of 3 young boys and was told I have warthins tumour I had a biopsty done and thank god it's benign my operation is on Thursday nov Ever since I found out about this tumour I have been very down and I'm really nervouse about the surgery..

I pray that everything will work out okay. My husband was diagnosed with a benign tumor on his salivary gland 2 weeks ago. Surgery was scheduled for tomorrow. However, the ENT did tell my husband that he was retiring and my husband would be seen by the new surgeon the following week. This surgeon now says the results were inconclusive and sent him over for an ultrasound and new FNA at the hospital.

He called today and the pathologist said he still can't pronounce the THREE tumors benign or malignant and we may know more tomorrow. I am so scared. Why is it so hard for them to say if it is benign or malignant? I malignant, immediate chemo. I am SO scared. The waiting is killing me. We found my tumor in September of , but the biopsy showed it was benign. However, when we had my follow-up CT scan this week, they discovered the tumor is changing, which is not a good size.

It has been causing me pain in my ear and dizziness. So, we have elected to do surgery. My doctor reviewed most of the information shared on this site already. However, I had previously had a hard time finding actual statistics on nerve damage and Frey's syndrome.

Grateful to find this information. I was unaware of the possibility of ear numbness, much less it often being permanent. Janie, I think it is hard to be positive because they cannot guarantee the sample they tested is an accurate sample of the whole mass. My surgery is scheduled for April 2, and I wish it was tomorrow just so I could be done with it.

I agree- the waiting is hard. Erin, I had this done in April of last year and other than my right ear being numb- my surgeon told me beforehand that any feeling in that ear for the rest of my life after the surgery would be a bonus- the surgery went well. There is no damage to the ear drum and the numbness takes some getting used to, but thankfully I suffered no paralysis or complications.

It drained longer than it was supposed to because of a possible infection, but some antibiotics took care of that. The scars are healing nicely but I was told to give it at least a year for them to properly heal. Hang in there and and you'll be fine!

Hi all, I had a benign tumor removed from my paratoid gland last Friday Feb 27th. I stayed in the hospital until Sunday, had the drain removed before I left that day. Stitches removed and post op with the doctor was this past Wed, just five days later. My tumor hung low and facial nerves were fine, no paralysis. My left ear is close to fully numb, and I was told those nerves have to be cut during surgery and I most likely will not regain full feeling.

I have the pain in the ear like an ear infection and feel fluid sometimes almost likes its running faucet, but i know that is from the swelling of my gland. Goes away after I eat. The gland they worked on, the paratoid gland, the tumor was completely removed, shaved off, gland preserved, but its very swollen.

So its been a full week, Fri to Fri. I don't feel the swelling has worsened but it doesn't seem to be going away either. When the doc saw me at post op Wed she didn't think the swelling was abnormal, said I will notice week to week it getting better, so next week I should start to see a difference. She said it could take weeks for the body to absorb the fluid causing the swelling.

I'm no super model, but the swelling it upsetting…I would love to hear from anyone who had prolonged swelling, when is "normal" NOT normal? Is it reasonable to expect a month to go by, should I have noticed a reduction by now? I'm not in much pain, tylenol helps when I need it. I had partial parotidectomy end of Jan 15, all has healed well except the psin in my earlobe when I go outside in cold, its unbearable now so I stay indoors, as anyone had same problem.

I do not want to sign a waiver that upon waking up or later my face shall be paralyzed. There was a machine in southeast asia used on my first parotid surgery some thirty years ago that prevented any paralysis. I'm looking for the right doctor. I currently have three cysts on the parotid area due to be removed, one is not malignant and the two, still need biopsy.

Is there any that specialize in this condition? I live in Sweden. Had small lump no left Parotid gland. Went for FNA and came back inconclusive. Had the surgery 10 days ago superficial parotidectomy and no facial nerve damage. One overnight hospital stay and drain removed next day and sent home. Only taking Tylenol for pain as it is not usual to prescribe narcotics here and I am sensitive to them anyway.

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mastoid operation definition

GB40 Qiuxu Anterior and inferior to the lateral malleous in a depression on the lateral side of the extensor digitorum longus tendon.

mastoid operation definition

I can't say enough about how professional the whole hospital and staff was.

mastoid operation definition

Learn More about mastoid See words that rhyme what is the male sex hormone called mastoid Britannica. Film modifier denoting a film, mastoid operation definition scene, shot, etc, made by techniques that produce unusual optical effects. I then used an antiseptic spray to cleanse gently all my wound. Doc says mastoid operation definition fat should fill in the dents in 6 months. Feels like a screwdriver in my ear and my neck hurts so bad. Then ascends to the corner of the forehead, and then winds definitioon posterior operatuon th ear. It had been wrought, as was easy to perceive, with wonderful skill of needlework; and the stitch as I am assured by ladies conversant with operstion mysteries gives evidence of a now forgotten art, not to be discovered even by the process of picking out mastoid operation definition threads.