Test Prop/Winstrol Cycle

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test cyp and winstrol cycle results

Deca is almost always used in its injectable form as the bioavailability is percent. The largest bodybuilding archive in the world! What's y'all s thoughts? As for Winstrol in the beginning instead of the end what is your opinion on this??

Deca Winstrol and Your Joints

I have a bottle of test cypionate left. Diet is my number one but a little added help would be nice. How did you Feel when you came off cycle? Get the Right Cycle for You. You should be taking the adex either 1 mg EOD,.

Too long on stanozolol will make your tendons brittle and fray painfully. Run the prop EOD. Last edited by JuicyJuggalo; at N I want to do shit thats less water retentative so Winstrol winny n prop are perfect. My ccs for each shot will increase so thats why Im spacing it M F. I don't think they said that bc the dose, rather the half life of prop is short, so need to pin more often.

My old street dealer comes to ME for the on substances now tho. It's the half-life some of us are pointing out to you, and why you need to inject EOD with prop. What a fuckin idiot.

I'm in week 5 now and my glutes feel completely fine first couple shots will leave a little soreness but its nothing.. As for the Winstrol winny , 50mgs ED starting week 3 did me wonders in hardening me up. Test Prop got me from to and the Winstrol winny cut and hardened me up to a Your joints will dry out on the Winstrol winny though, mine dont hurt they just crack a lot.

Strength will go through the roof around week 4, fyi. All in all you'll love it.. I am going to start on a 12week cycle also, 2nd time around, test prop at 2cc eod,50g wini ed. Also pining is not a problem, pinning daily got tiresome with wini injectables. Originally Posted by JuicyJuggalo. Originally Posted by Chris Originally Posted by bigtime Guys just askin for some advice..

Dadawg and essays thats hilarious! I heard bad bad about gp. And is small. But i really want to do this 1 cycle and thats it. I like beign big but slim and cut.

So i want to try and Cut after the dbol and maintain all of the gains from dbol and maybe even keep adding with the test and Winstrol.. I dont want to just end up big and fat after the dBol and test so thats why i want to add the Winstrol..

I have the type of body that retains fat real easy. Try and help me build it the best way all you experienced bruhs.. I have my PCT lined up.. My diet is point! Last edited by SteroidalGazelle; at I'd like to see the winstrol started 2 weeks later and used as a bridge while you wait for the test to clear your system before starting PCT.

And run winny at a straight Test E - mg's Weeks Dbol - 40 mg's Weeks Winstrol - 50 mg's Good luck! Cumming day and night. You have adex "on hand," but aren't currently using it? Also, the time to ask for comments, suggestions, etc is not when you are 2.

You should be taking the adex either 1 mg EOD,. Originally Posted by chold. Originally Posted by Diesel You can start small;.

Iamges: test cyp and winstrol cycle results

test cyp and winstrol cycle results

What quantities would I wanna stack on top of the ml cypionate a week. How did you Feel when you came off cycle?

test cyp and winstrol cycle results

Test E - mg's Weeks I want a bit of that The goal should be to eat a very well balanced diet that is protein rich.

test cyp and winstrol cycle results

Test is underrated IMO. But I understand your thought process Winsol is used during cutting cycles to promote fat loss, increase athletic performance test cyp and winstrol cycle results maintain winstrlo and lean muscle mass. Posted By BenTren 3 replies Winstrol with test, Fuck I'm 39 at lbs. Please complete this form and click the button below to gain instant access. Originally Posted by Diesel