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Alpha Destiny – Is He Natural or On Steroids?

anabolic steroids zyzz

Those are good lifts for a non-fat natural guy between lbs. What is The Key to Hypertrophy? It was about time to see you back.

The Sydney Morning Herald

They were so funny. Unlike Alpha Destiny, Zyzz is tall. And while Alpha Destiny is not shredded, he is definitely not fat. You would look utterly terrible. Or maybe his abs are just a strong point and can be seen through thicker layers of fat… I dunno…. Good luck Alpha Boobs.

Aziz Sergeyevich Shavershian, 22, who was known as "Zyzz" to his legion of online fans, died on Friday after suffering a heart attack in a Bangkok sauna. His mother, Maria Shavershian, said a post-mortem examination revealed that her youngest son suffered from an undiagnosed heart condition, which triggered cardiac arrest.

Before he started bodybuilding The family, who are intensely private, were given the news only on Monday, three days after Mr Shavershian's death. They have not yet made plans for his funeral but say it will be a private ceremony for family and close friends.

They are expecting to receive his body this weekend. Do you know more? Mr Shavershian, from Carlingford, was a fulltime business and commerce student who crafted the wildly popular online "Zyzz" persona after discovering bodybuilding in his late teens.

He released a book, began promoting bodybuilding supplements and made countless videos in character as "Zyzz"; an aggressive and flamboyant, heavily-tanned showman. Throughout his studies he also worked part-time as a stripper with the male revue Sydney Hotshots. Mr Shavershian's fame was contained to the bodybuilding world until two weeks ago, when The Sun-Herald wrote about the arrest of his older brother , Said, They think that all roid users look exactly the same — shredded and vascular.

Taking steroids is a complicated science. Much more complicated than training. He has big traps, legs, arms, forearms, chest, lats… etc.

His whole body is developed. He has zero weak body parts. There are no illusions other than those in your head. He has a special training program. The FFMI calculator is flawed. It has flaws, but the argument provided by AlphaDestiny is invalid. More often than not, the FFMI calculator is efficient.

Premature aging of the face and accelerated hair loss. Debatable and far from a solid argument but worth mentioning. One thing is certain, though. U know what else screams roiding overcompensating faggot about him? Dude is straight up balding. I have some thoughts for you. I have come to noticed a trend in most natural guys I know, that the bloated muscles effect is very real in naturals, I did not believe it at first but the sarcoplasmic hypertrophy is very real, the body adapts growing for more volume much more than for strength.

Another factor you have never mentioned is the arms or torso dominance, that affects directly to the muscles you can end up growing. Think about it in terms of evolution, when did human men grow in the past? The only thing I have learnt at my 26 age and more than 10 in this game is that the key to looking good as a natural is to focus all your energy and test budget in developing big arms, shoulders and pecs, leaving all the rest as it is, Rusty moore is pretty right on that, although nlt as much in the ways to achieve it.

If you put all your focus on arms, shoulders and pecs im sorry but your physique will eventually look very incomplete, borderline stupid. It will look like a soft wind can blow you over because of your skinny legs unless you have natural calves. Your back will look fragile too, maybe your traps will get abit of development from shoulder training, but your lower back will be a weak point, which is not a good weak point to have considering most people spend their day at work slunched over in a chair behind a computer.

As for having weak lats, in this case it would be fine because you would already look unbalanced as it is with no leg development, having wide lats would just make this worse. Basically I disagree with your statement that naturals should only train pecs, delts and arms to look big. To reach your full genetic potential as a natural, one needs to train each muscle group to its max genetic potential.

Looking big has nothing to do with not training some muscle groups and training others, its all down to genetics such as having natural calves , testosterone levels, then training and diet last.

Just bring your weak points up until your physique looks as balanced as possible. Do you not realize how utterly stupid and imbalanced you would look from that, not to mention how stupid it is to do that just from a physiological stand point?

Your posture would be insanely terrible from over developed pecs which would lead to shoulder problems, tight pecs, joint problems, and injuries. You would look utterly terrible. I was thinking the same thing about what made humans develop muscle. Warriors grew muscles when training for battle. During this stage, they did not max-out on movements, grinding out stuff. I have also noticed myself, when i was a teen and used to help out with manual labor carrying stuff for example.

I did not lift the biggest bags or boxes even though i would occasionally challange myself for fun because of injury risks. I just did stuff all day at a modarate pase and my arms, traps and shoulders would get bigger. Also, people who do a lot of hiking on mountain roads, would develop their legs.

I know this for a fact because I have seen him from up-close a few times since we workout at the same gym. That being said, that does not necessarly make him a natty nor does it make him a juicer. First time I saw him I did not know who he was and I was surprised when he told me he weighed lbs on such a short frame I weigh and slightly taller. I will be doing one more tested meet in January and then I am considering TRT which will disqualify me from competing natural. I am also 43 and honestly, at a point where I just may give up power-lifting all together, or go with testosterone.

I need to do more research, which is why I love your blog so much. You have been quiet lately. Um… I personally think anyone who has the audacity to call themselves Alpha-Destiny is a tool regardless of what they do.

Also, for the record, I think he looks like shit. Most of them are pretty honest about it. Alpha-Destiny… I would kick my own ass if I went with that name. Sit down little fella… the grown-ups are talking. Yeah all right Mr. I was wondering where were u man.

Glad to see u back. Study Has shown that some who only takes test and doesnt work out Has more muscle gain then someone WHO is natty and trains. You Shouldnt feel disadvantaged for being natty. You are at an advantage. If you think those guys on T are better than you, then they are. But if you see them for what they are, self conscious faggots that stare at the mirror dreaming about bigger muscles longer for hours and hours, then you will feel much superior.

He not 5 foot 5, He measure himself with a ruler. He actually 5 foot 6 and a half, cm tall. You are going to need to redo him.

And dude trust me,he more like 15 percent bodyfat. Back with a bang bro! Do one on Jeff Nippard if you can. Thanks for the great post as always. What do you think about calisthenics movement?

When was this video made? Regardless, any one who calls himself alpha destiny is a douchebag. Truth seeker, what do you think of Infinite Elgintensity? He acts witty and intelligent, but at that height don't you think he's already pushing the natty limits? How is this possible that he has grew 2 inches? Obviously fans or fanboys are inflating his stats. Have you ever seen him in gym videos without the ridiculous lighting? The FFMI is not less reliable for short people.

Are short people some sort of magicians when it comes to building muscle? People extremely underestimate their bodyfat all the time. People can have late growth spurts or just never measure properly. Back when it was made the methods for determining bodyfat were extremely inaccurate to what we have today. Your seemingly unquestioned faith in the outdated FFMI system is one of this sites shortcomings.

Considering that Elgintensity is over 30 years old and a full-time employed attorney, those numbers definitely seem suspicious. Any natural with those kind of lifts would have seriously considered going into pros. The fact that he has not done so leads me to think that he does, in fact, take steroids.

How are his employment status and age of any relevance? Those are good lifts for a non-fat natural guy between lbs. Professional untested and untested powerlifting. Although considering that tests are pretty much worthless and everybody is using steroids, you can just say professional powerlifting. Because being a lawyer myself I know how daunting this career is. To be even a moderately successful attorney you have to put a LOT of hours and dedication.

One may ask how in hell is Elgintensity managing to do that and also to have such numbers naturally? Also at his age testosterone is starting to drop a little by little, so him lifting almost lbs is kind of suspicious. Benching pound paused is not impressive? Almost X3 deadlift is not outstanding? Maybe for roided powerlifters these are normal numbers, but for completely natural full-time employed attorneys they are downright unimaginable unless Elgin is some king of time management wiz.

Ed Coan was obese, Omar Isuf and OmegaDestiny barely look like they have touched a barbell in their pathetic lives. Yet all of them have insane lifts. Powerlifting is not a pro sport, even at elite level.

Training 3 times per week for Stop whining and pick up a barbell. You can hit those numbers too, after a few or many years of training. Ed Coan was not obese have you ever actually seen a photo of Coan? You seem to be dealing with some personal issues and suffering from low self-esteem.

From a video: If you watch the video you will hear the sarcasm in his voice. Good to see you back. This Alpha Destiny guy was probably pinning already when he started making videos.

I used to watch his videos long before his subscriber amount and popularity started to increase fast. He used to replicate things that guys like Jason Blaha was saying: Mark Rippetoe just used the same tactics to get attention but at least he has some solid infomation. No solid programming advice, just ranting videos about things like how effective it is to lift with bad form. Is the progressive overload about just using more and more momentum or deadlifting higher and higher away from the floor?

Is it the way to train after his copycat novice program with sets of 5? Back in say, , Beta Destiny was probably struggeling with getting his bench closer to etc. He then started taking steroids to compensate his weaknesses. That one must be harder, yet more interesting. No solid programming advice? Dude has 45min to hour long in depth videos on a range of different topics. It is not impressive to bench for five the deadend with eternal wheel spinning for most men with simplistic programming but is, and I am sure he did not make that transformation using his own copycat program.

For 5 reps I would give some people a year, but for 1RM no more than 8 months. To put things in perspective there are high school athletes that rep out on the bench with ease. Are you alpha destiny himself or just delusional? However, there are outliers in both directions. Only the strong guys make it in high school football, and many of them might bench for reps, and besides, most of them have already hit puberty, certainly the strongest ones in high school.

Their hormonal levels are adult-like and they are very strong. The weaker ones might be relatively strong, hit full puberty later, and may have more success in college football.

Then, those who make it to the NFL have to take steroids. Hypertrophy — a Myth or Reality? Can we even grow? The Ultimate Red Pill for Naturals: Athlean-X Natural or on Steroids? Give me a break.

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Of course, they are. What is The Key to Hypertrophy? Give me the secret, please! It does not work. The Truth about Bulking: Why am I fat?

Because you have fallen into the trap of modern society. Do Less, Achieve More.

Iamges: anabolic steroids zyzz

anabolic steroids zyzz

Adam Raw — Natty Or Not? Also, for the record, I think he looks like shit.

anabolic steroids zyzz

Are Biceps Peaks Genetic? Then you know with whom we are dealing with.

anabolic steroids zyzz

In one of his videos, Alpha Destiny anabolic steroids zyzz his diet as follows — 4, calories with an emphasis on carbohydrates. Give me a break. I actually remember reading this guys article on Zyzz a few years ago. Man testosterone woman the video does not contain one. His traps got bigger.