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This blog is based on MY experiences with training and nutrition. Jason August 23, at 5: You used for a relatively short time and are pretty young so I feel like you have a good chance of recovering. The point of SS is not sarcoplasmic hypertrophy. It is your website. I am travelling to Thailand for two weeks and I want to know if carrying prescription narcotics in a marked bottle might cause problems for me. It can spiral out of control quick.

Keep Your Distance from Drugs, Period!

I would give it a few more weeks. It does show a high incidence in birth defects and was initially developed as a form of chemotherapy which makes me a little nervous that while it might not cause issues with your hormones, I would be concerned that it could impact sperm. Steroids can destroy tissue in the testicle and leave you permanently sterile. My problem is that you introduce scientific inquiry to your idea that ALL skinny-fat individuals will not bid well on a Starting Strength program. A skinny-fat person could transform into just plain skinny or just plain fat.

How long does Nova-X take to kick in? Do not use product longer than 4 weeks followed by a subsequent 4 week break. Do not exceed 2 tablets in any 24 hour period. Read the product warning before use. This compound is responsible for converting NO precursors into useless byproducts that give us no benefits while we train.

From here, novel and never before seen NO precursors including Nitro-Rx begin rapidly converting into the muscle building and power enhancing chemical we so desperately desire. While these levels begin to rise, the body responds by sending higher levels of Arginase to the conversion sites in an attempt to decrease NO levels. This increase in glycogen causes the muscles to swell in both size and strength, allowing you push beyond genetic limitations and force muscle fibers into explosive growth.

To help facilitate this recovery, increase lean protein consumption from whole foods or Precision Protein to make sure muscles get the nutrition necessary to grow at the rate forced upon them by PLASMAJET. For best results, mix and drink immediately before and after your workout.

For maximum results, take servings daily. Dietary sources include meat, fish, and other animal products, but creatine may also be formed in the liver, kidney and pancreas from the amino acids glycine, arginine and methionine. Muscle concentrations of creatine are lower in older and middle-aged adults and may explain why they respond so noticeably to creatine.

Gaspari Nutrition uses only Qualitine is tasteless, odorless, crystalline and pure-qualities that are obvious from the moment you open the bottle and every time you use this elite product. Creatine monohydrate is perhaps the most studied dietary supplement in the Sports Nutrition industry. Over scientific studies have been conducted at universities and independent testing sites around the world clearly testifying to the safety and effectiveness of this ingredient.

Each and every batch of Gaspari Nutrition's Creatine Monohydrate is independent laboratory tested to insure that potency meets or exceeds Building muscle mass is not a simple task. In order to develop significant size, you need to consume more calories than you burn, which can be challenging for those who are high performance athletes, bodybuilders or even regular fitness participants. The key is to retain a high level of protein, carbohydrates and fats in your diet.

Adding weight-gain supplements allows you to do just that. This versatile supplement can be consumed pre-workout, post-workout or as a daily meal replacement. The sustained release profile provides a quick, medium and slow release of muscle building amino acids for both fast and long term nitrogen retention.

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For a frosty shake, add a handful of ice cubes. And what is it you want out of that pre-workout product? This is why you have put your trust in a product name with over a half a decade of accolades and clinical studies. The original SuperPump was arguably the best loved pre-workout product ever designed. So the question stands, What type of an athlete are you?

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We want to bring you the best and give you ingredients in the doses that actually increase your performance, your strength, and increase lean mass that is based on science, not smoke and mirrors. These concentrated formulas consist largely of stimulants with under dosed ingredients like beta-alanine and arginine alpha ketoglutarate AAKG.

As an example, beta-Alanine is clinically proven to work at 3. That is why we include it in Anavite at the clinically validated dose and not under dosed in our pre-workout that is to be taken on training days only.

Other companies utilizing ingredients like these in concentrated formulas are grossly under dosing them while making claims based on research that doesn't even apply to their formulas. This is downright deceptive and they prey on unsuspecting consumers. Why do you utilize so many vitamins and minerals in your formula? Certain minerals serve as electrolytes that help the body maintain proper muscle function and hydration while training. Ingredients like magnesium, calcium, potassium, and sodium are crucial to this process.

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Do not exceed 3 servings in any 24 hour period. Clinical research studies have shown that the active ingredient, 3,6,androstenetrione, that was found in a popular anti-estrogen, probably converts to the estrogens 6-keto-estrone and 6-keto-estradiol.

But we're not stopping there. We are confident that these results will back up what we found in our pilot study and what beta testers have been reporting about this phenomenal product. Look for the results of this ground-breaking research to be released in the coming months. This means you only take it once per day as opposed to many times per day like other anti-estrogens. This compound is a steroidal aromatase inhibitor, known as a suicidal inhibitor because it permanently binds to the aromatase enzyme.

It is best used for its aromatase inhibiting and testosterone boosting effect. Its effectiveness at lowering estrogen is unlike anything else on the market! As for your argument about SS being designed for former athletes, you are probably right however again there are other strength programs out there, some designed for people who have never stepped in a gym. Check out Alpha Destiny Novice Program free or jonnie canditos 6 week beginner program free as well.

I would recommend these programs to any beginner. The idea that body weight workouts are a magical cure to skinny fat is simply a clever marketing ploy. A skinny fat guy will benefit from many programs, not just BW. BW workouts require good form and mobility just like traditional strength workouts.

ANY sort of resistance training will require mobility and proper technique. While it is good that Oskars BW routine is 3 days full body allowing for optimal recovery, there are some traditional strength programs that are also full body 3 days a week. These are better than BW routines because by doing all of the major compound movements you will target more muscles.

Do you really think doing only pushups and pullups will develop all of the muscle fibers in your upper body? The arms WILL be lacking. Oskars fitness philosophy is good, and it works. However , to say it is the ONLY way to overcome skinny fat is false, and a marketing tactic. Skinnyfat men will benefit from lifting some damn weight and getting stronger, whether that is from doing a bodyweight program or a strength program.

I have never said bodyweight is the only way. Most of my clients do both bodyweight training and weight training. You can see this in practice in ANY gym. Actually I should have mentioned the whole mobility thing. I think it does tend to carry over to barbell training pretty well. I looked back at my previous post and it came out as more ratty not intentional — sorry! I find myself pretty fervently against the messages that SS and associated communities send out, largely because:. Pretty nuts when he was after a muscular-looking body with some decent strength numbers to complement it.

I always considered them go-to exercises for improving rows and presses, but the SS community has demonised them for years. Muscle is made by training the muscles, causing breakdown and supercompensation, rather than only pushing the CNS to maximise on what it already has available without enough of a reason to build new muscle.

And nobody ever got more athletic off of a slow-movement bodybuilding program. Doing a bodybuilding routine for looks without caring about strength is like a woman getting breast implants — you want to have the appearance of function, without actually being concerned over having that function. Might as well just get liposuction and inject yourself with synthol, and save yourself a bunch of time. Older marathon runners have fairly little fast-twitch muscle, but their muscles are very efficient.

They think of someone throwing or kicking a ball fast and far, of someone jumping very high to dunk a basketball, of a boxer landing a crushing combination of punches his opponent could hardly see coming, of the sprinter bursting off the starting line, of the gymnast executing a dizzying twisting jump. Cardio HIT on the following day. And I am skinny fat. Have some of that waist fat,etc. I read a lot out there to do compound weightlifting though eat less so as to not increase fat.

Right now I am eating less, having a low carb diet and following the above workout. I do these session with high intensity lesser gaps between sets as I read on bodybuilding. Is that going to help me? I feel leaner though its too early to say right now.

Also, how different is calisthenics from low weight high rep training? Can u clarify that? Quite sure low weight high rep training is not effective. Also can you comment on my current workout program. I have the same question.

How is low weight high rep training effective to get lean? I mean even women are recommended nowadays to lift proper weights as their muscle growth will be dependent on how much they eat and not on how much weight they lift. Very contradictive to what is true. Quite a lot of experts are providing information that is true and explaining how it is true with proper scientific reasons.

You are the only person who recommends not to do starting strength and also suggests overtraining, in other articles. It seems much of your information is about what you think happens to our body and what you have experienced with your own.

Your articles are not something which share information to the depth and many a times people want to hear the WHY behind things. You may make some changes in your articles then..

You have experienced changes, others may not. And if you wanted to get rid of fat and then build muscle after, you could do a moderate calorie deficit, HIIT cardio,have plenty of proteins, and lift heavy weights.

It is quite obvious that as a beginner yoy dont lift extremely heavy weight. After your muscles are loosened you start increasing weight after about 2 weeks. Also, in a skinny fat transformation process, if you are doing high volume low rep compound exercises, you WILL add pounds to your body weight and that is because your muscle is dense and it will increase body weight, though fat loss is less.

Keeping calories in control, HIIT and weightlifting will make you lose fat and not muscle. I agree with you that bodyweight exercises can get you lean and make your muscle flexible, lay a good foundation, but what about strength training alternated with HIIT cardio sessions?

Are you saying that yours is the only solution to skinny fat? Please read Michael Matthews 3 step skinny fat solution as he has explained this quite well there. I am keeping an open mind. Also, there is Gain muscle and lose fat at the same time forum on bodybuilding. Though I am not sure about that coz l believe thats not possible.

Its either gain muscle or either lose fat. Well I dont know about that. Is that just simply wrong? Push ups and pull ups are compound exercises.

They train several muscle groups. Push ups train the chest, front shoulder and triceps. Pull ups train the back, rear shoulder and biceps.

Both exercises use abs for stabilization. Just look up Barstarzz, Bar Brothers or any other calisthenics group. Pretty much all guys who are part of these groups have great bodies. With that said, I suggest you try both approaches like I did, and then you can make your own argument based on experience. I am sure about calisthenics. A couson of mine told me he achieved ripped muscles with only calisthenics.

I apologize for my first comment bcz i was kinda bewildered when I came across something contradictive to what I have been hearing about.

You have done online research too when you started and Im sure you understand how it sucks when you are following a particular program and someone tells you its not to do it. Its kinda difficult whom to trust and what to follow. When it comes to trusting someone, always see their credentials, their own transformation and the kind of success stories they have produced. Mark Rippetoe the creator of SS has credentials to get someone strong, but do you really want to look like him or some of his success stories guys who basically got fat like I did?

I would define myself as a beginner in the field of training but for what I have read and watched the last 15 months, I see Starting Strength as very suitable for powerlifting, wheightlifting-sport purpose.

That could be the reason while the strongest power-lifters, wheight-lifters are huge guys, with good amount of bodyfat and can lift crazy heavy weights.

But definitely they are not aesthetic. Its simple logic that skinny-fat guys should not start with a program such as SS, but they could go for such training program later, as they are in a better body composition — where gaining fat along with muscles would be acceptable for the duration of the program.

This is a great comment. I also think the added muscle and flexibility I have now will make it much easier to progress and stay injury free. Every exercise serves a purpose depending on the training goal!

The problem with most fitness advice is that everyone is trying to sell something. Starting strength makes exaggerated claims for gains which is why many newbies on the program overeat compared to their goals. But pretty much everyone who starts training wants to gain muscle and loss fat, whilst contending with a poor hormonal environment due to typical Western lifestyle factors.

Anyone can get ripped but its hard and takes a long time for most folks. I could deadlift lbs but I barely had any mass and looked starved. Skinny-fats are a special case. Almost all advice caters to regular fat guys and skinny guys. Most guys reading this site can barely do a push up or shoulder press an empty bar, and many of those who can do a bit more have been training for years with almost nothing to show for it.

As for expectations, what you just wrote has been one of the core messages of my website. It will also be one of the core messages in my upcoming free ebook which is coming out this Sunday. This is the only site that recommends not to do starting strength.

Starting Strength is shit. Such a low volume is for people afraid of overtraining and not afraid to get fat. Why do all workout websites have to be so cultish about other forms of excersize? Starting strength is just what it sounds like, a strength building routine that does build muscle too.

The fat you gained had nothing to do with how you were training and everything to do with the crap you were putting in your body to recover. Calithenics are an excellent form of excersize but the explinations for your points in this article were inaccurate and smell of product salesmanship. SS sells seminars and books.

I believe that SS is a decent program for strength, but not for aesthetics. I work with people who want to transform on a daily basis for over 2 years now, so I have a pretty good idea of what types of programs worked for them, and which did not.

My problem with your delivery is not your approach to fitness. It is the points in which you focus your attention on. You brought up valid points on hormones and nutrition but then shifted the article off of the factors that actually effect those things and instead twisted it to blame the excersize routine.

You also brush off any strength gains achieved by a strength program and try and compare apples to oranges by showing hypertrophy gains from the body weight workout.

It is your website. Why not spend your influence actually educating people on the real factors in body manipulation instead of using their lack of knowlege as means to gain more traffic. Im not interested in butting heads and playing who has the bigger ego. Feel free to delete my comments but it is a shame if you choose to go down that road because you do offer value on your website. You are no fatter in picture 2 than you are in picture 1. You simple had no muscle so your body was able to hide the fat easier.

Because they have less muscle. Have you ever even seen an elite bodybuilder in the off season. How about lifting weights with little cardio and bodyweights for a skinny fat guy, with limiting intake of fats and carbs, will this cut some fat? Is there any way I can send you a picture of what my body looks like now so you can help determine if I am in-fact skinny-fat? Because if I am, I will definitely head your advice and start doing body-weight training to get lean first. Dude, I had the same problem with starting strength.

I have also the shitty fat distribution you talked about. I think a skinny fat person should first try to cut the fat to very lean body and then do strength training. I will have to check out the body weight training you recommended. I think you just forgot to cut; bodybuilders generally bulk up and then cut in order to reveal the muscle underneath. You simply bulked and forgot to cut.

Also, your goals were more aesthetically oriented. Some of us care more about strength than aesthetics. I am a female and yes, even I would rather be strong and deadlift 2.

Also many beginners can still build strength while eating in a slight caloric surplus and even at maintenance. I only respect those who train for strength; not aesthetics. And yes, I train for aesthetics and to be healthy.

I have never read starting strength by mark rippetoe but i will give it a look because it seems like a good book for acquiring some more knowledge. The orher reasons they have told you was just stupid arguments.

Damian, I did assistance exercises too with higher reps at the end of the workout, but by the time I did those I was exhausted from the heavy lifting.

The book is the best out there for learning proper technique on the lifts so definitely get it if you wanna master the basic compound lifts: Hello Oskaar,I love your website and absolutely love reading your articles,I am actually kinda addicted to this website,anything that deals with calisthenics is downright alluring to me.

However,Starting strength has worked amazingly well for me,I would do 3 sets till failure of diamond push ups eventually straight bar dips ,ring pull ups and one set of feet elevated push ups amrap within 60 seconds.

I actually gained 50 lbs of fat free mass within a year and a half with this approach,majority of which was definitely upperbody mass. Infact I made these gains on a vegetarian diet of eggs,milk peanut butter choco milk smoothies ,peanut butter and bread and lots of white rice with veggies and pulses,typical Indian foods.

By the way,I love this website because of such non bullshit honest convenient and effective advices you give. Also,I wanted to share these amazing vids http: Thank you, and congrats with your progress.

I have already made articles on handstand push ups and muscle ups. Hi Oskar, I am a regular reader of your articles as well as a skinny-fat beginner. I have started one month ago weight training.

Rep range target for 3 sets is So here is my question — have you been barbell-training in this rep range when you were a beginner and do you think it could be more beneficial in terms of gains then strictly following the Starting Strength type routines? First of all, great posts!

They were quite insightful. I see that you are still actively writing so hopefully you can help me as well. My ultimate goal would be to be better looking I guess. No signs of muscle and visible signs of tummy and hip fat. Work in a cubicle and take lunch time to do some activity. Group class doing a weightlifting circuit with not much weight, but many repetitions in 45 seconds each exercise with only 15 seconds to rest.

It really exhausts me. This is my cardio day, although I feel tired past the first half already. Need to do this because I also have a really weak core.

Group class that focus on core exercises. Also spending the day with family tires me enough. The only progress in these 3 months that I found was to go from a 40 seconds Plank to seconds. The rest I have the same weight and look the same. Read my article strength training and the 5 ideal phases of a skinny-fat transformation — it explains everything clearly. Did you deload when you experienced stalling? One of the best and recommended ways for breaking through plateaus….

Why were you doing starting strength for a year? I read the book, it says from months. Then you move on to the more advanced stuff. Sounds like it worked exactly the way its supposed to. He also clearly states in the book its not going to make you look like a bodybuilder, its going to make you stronger, which your own words confirm.

It seems it worked VERY well to make you stronger as a beginner. James, youre right, but youre missing the purpose of this article: Barbell training will not make you fat, eating too much will ;- Bodyweight training is easier on recovery so you can train more often, therefore the speed of the results are comparable. I am a skinny fat beginner. Your physique in the beginning and mine looks different. To me you just looked fat … not skinny fat.

Then you got …. But I had a layer of fat around my belly. My arms, chest, and shoulders are noticeably bigger …. I was somewhere between skinny-fat and fat. Congratulations bro,you did a very good job. I did read some websites which told that you can gain muscle and losing fat simultaneously with strength training. So the diet will be like high protein and almost zero carb. Those websites also told that in order to make it happen,our body burn fat as fuel to build muscle etc when no carbs to be absorbed.

When you chase both you will most likely end up achieving none of them. Instead, get lean first, then build muscle while staying lean. All of them are unhealthy and will mess your hormones up. Aim for a balanced diet. A diet that is low in something is a fad-diet.

The key is to eat a balanced diet and be in a slight caloric deficit so you lose the weight in a healthy way. By doing this, you can keep the weight off once you lose it, rather than regain it like most people do after running a fad diet. Combination of ecto and endo. I have a hard time gaining muscle mass and I gain fat just by looking at food. Most people are a combination and not just one.

Thank you for putting everything together for us skinny fat blokes, Oskar. I keep coming back to your site for information. Sometimes I do lunges, planks, and mountain climbers. Progress is really slow for me. But I went back to pushups because of sore rhomboid muscles. Chinups and pullups are a real challenge, especially for someone like me who never had any sport or fitness training. I started doing negatives and then incomplete chinups. Only last month was I able to do a full chinup.

That was spot on. I wish I knew all this stuff when I was Nonetheless, these bodyweight exercises are fun and addictive. A lot of people think that you can just revert years or even decades of damage done to the body in a few months. Even for me, I had to put in years of hard work and I was just 17 when I started.

One thing that people forget is that transforming is just as much mental as it is physical. You need to develop discipline, persistence and a positive attitude. Those things are much harder to develop than to find the perfect diet and routine. Remember, progress is progress.

As long as you keep going forward you will eventually build a good physique. What the hell is everybody arguing about? Got damn there is some got damn stupid sheep out there! Strength training is for strength athletes, to develop strength.

Some have so called powerbellies which looks just like beerbellies. Here is a strength athlete: Then there is Olympic lifting which involves taking the bar from the floor to reach the top of you head. Also we have bodybuilding, they use weights to define their muscles. This is the most steroid oriented sport of them all. These are all different sports. There is a cult out there, and it is the starting strength cult. Somehow people think that this will do everything for their physiques which is horseshit.

Of course this works better for muscledefinition than starting strength. Also we have crossfit which combines all kinds of sports and weightlifting philosophies: Hi there, first time on this site. I started the program 4 weeks ago. I must also add that I am relatively more muscular have always been than other people I know with similar weight and height statistics. I feel like doing SS has definitely helped me in this minimal amount of time and the 5lbs I lost is a reflection of both fat lost as well as muscle mass gained.

So I have probably lost more than 5 lbs worth of fat in 4 weeks and I missed 2 days! New dad here, have sleepless nights sometimes, so getting enough rest is an issue. I eat a slight calorific deficit. The whole craze about having optimal testosterone and GH levels has little to no effect on your body composition, in fact there are several journals and pieces of literature that prove that fluctuations within the normal range have little effect on MPS muscle protein synthesis.

Now, you praise bodyweight training but too be honest if you went on a structured intermediate program with intelligently planned accessory work, you would have seen gains close to if not surpassing those in your training. I think because you did that body weight routine in the time that you saw drastic improvements in your body composition, you attributed those gains to the program you followed.

I think your article or rather your site is misinforming beginners! Testosterone levels have no effect on body composition? Perhaps I would have seen the same gains. This blog is based on MY experiences with training and nutrition. I do know about nutrient partitioning, and yes, my gains were largely because of my improved partitioning at a lower body-fat level. However, that brings us back to the start: You need to train your body to burn fat rather than to store it.

With that in place, consistent, balanced exercise with adequate nutrition and recovery will get you ripped. Body weight, barbells, low reps, high reps … it all works in time if you do the work. Folks get confused and dissappointed when they expect to achieve the shredded physiques of cover models without recourse to anabolic drugs. The over-hyped claims of folks peddling their programs case in point: SS only obfuscate the truth even further.

I see that we have been talking about 2 different things then. When you have higher testosterone you feel more positive, driven and energetic. This makes you want to workout more and you believe in yourself. This change in mindset and mood has a HUGE impact on the long-term progress you make. Most doctors prescribe dosing that will bring their clientele to the level.

My problem is that you introduce scientific inquiry to your idea that ALL skinny-fat individuals will not bid well on a Starting Strength program.

With all biological factors in light, somatypes do not exist. Now, the main issue is that the claim is that: Your solution is that: ALL skinny-fat individuals should go on a body weight routine.

Okay, this is a decent point. I only want to gain a little bit of size on my upper chest, arms and shoulders. With that said, you have to keep the indirect benefits of testosterone in mind.

When you go from having low testosterone to decent testosterone like I did, you start feeling more driven, positive, energetic and you believe in yourself. Those benefits are priceless when it comes to building muscle. You start enjoying workouts more and you start looking forward to hitting the gym, rather than forcing yourself there.

You also believe in whatever you do, which enables you to stay consistent with your training. In the long-term, this means that you get more GOOD workouts in and you stick to your plan, thereby giving you a better physique. However, I do know 2 things: In contrast, many guys have started doing my simple bodyweight training routine while cutting their excess fat, and are extremely happy with their progress. In the end, helping people is what matters to me, and I know that my blog is doing that, despite the lack of scientific evidence.

I partly agree with this. The truth is that every skinny-fat guy has a different situation. Some gain muscle and strength faster than others. At the same time, they carry a lot of body-fat. This situation makes bulking very ineffective. They will end up fat and gain a tiny amount of muscle.

I do want to make a few clarifications though. When you gain fat, the inactive testosterone SHBG is mostly armotaized converted to estrogen into fat. A good example is myself. No, a no-gainer is a specific demographic individuals maybe 0. There was a study on ncbi where they took a large sample size and put them on a strict routine and measured their 1RM as far as curls before and after very rigorous dieting and hypertrophy work. There were some people who after 12 week period regressed in their training.

Results in September where I had low testosterone: I knew there were hardgainers with a very low response, but not actual no-gainers. I looked up my levels online and found that I have very low t for my age. I just want to comment on the idea that SS requires a caloric surplus. Theres no need to keep such a heavy intake of calories. Any program, strength training or otherwise will make your body more susceptible to carb and protein intake, not because you need more calories, but because it wants a certain level of those nutrients.

Making sure you get a full profile of amino acids is just as important as eating. What you say makes sense. Can you expand on the amino acids, and how you ensure that you get as many as you need? I believe what Oskar advocates for a skinnyfat individual is high frequency, high volume, low intensity training; calisthenics allows one to do that. Likewise, perhaps back then if he would have reduced the weight and done more of it and more often then the results could have been similar as his gains from bodyweight exercises.

I did SS for approx 2. I believe its a great plan without the nutritional advice if you study and perfect the proper form squat especially for your body type. Technique is supreme and I think a lot of us get lost in ego trying to just keep adding weight and increasing the chances for injury…p.

Bodyweight workouts are supreme too! What would you estimate your bodyfat level was when you started? Summing things up from what I understand, you changed to the bodyweight training instead right? However, you stated on the ways you ate, and none of them worked for you. So, how did you eat now? Read here to see how I currently train and eat: Definitely give it more than two weeks.

Most ppl who claim to be skinnyfat are just plain fat. They just dont realize it. So if such a person has a belly, he is just fat. This is my definition of skinny-fat: One group is skinny, but has a little bit of fat, primarily on their love handles and hips. The other group is skinny, but has more fat in the same areas. However, both groups share one trait: In other words, the skinny-fat guy has the genetics of a skinny guy ectomorph , since he has thin bones and a difficult time gaining muscle mass, but at the same time he has the slower metabolism of the fat guy endomorph , since he carries excess fat.

Would you mind sharing your routine, and do you have any progress pics? I followed this routine here: I put my progress down to the supercompensation effect; I had cut and been in a prolonged deficit for 5 months so the anabolic rebound from that helped me progress VERY fast, combine that with a completely new routine with new exercises, significantly higher volume for upper body and a new rep range my body responded extremely well. I know what you mean about the supercompensation effect.

Wow, so you added about 15 pounds of lean mass in less than 2 months? Starting Strength is an exceptional routine and you yourself pointed out how great it worked for you. So the only mistake you really made was choosing the wrong workout for your goals.

If you just want to build lean muscle with very little focus on legs in it, then yes, BW exercises are a great way — maybe even the best to achieve that. But most guys in BB want more than that ;. Sure, i just wanted to point out once again that Starting Strength is a great program if your goal is to move lots of weight — so what it was designed for. As you could get the impression from the article that no skinny-fat should ever use it.

Yes, it worked great to gain strength, however I expected those huge strength and bodyweight gains to translate into more muscle.

Yeah, you have to eat, and eating enough is important. At the end of the day, regeneration of muscle tissue requires an increased caloric intake in order to maintain progress. The point of SS is not sarcoplasmic hypertrophy. The goal is to pick up something heavier.

Muscle growth is merely a side effect of strength gain. The type of people who will defend SS to the death are people who used it to build solid strength gains, probably as the cornerstone of a large physical fitness program. Many of them were probably athletes, for whom the strength program was a means for them to build strength and sustainable size to support them on the field.

Also, there is no way you can call rows a substitute for Cleans. They are not even remotely similar. I think the point of this post is for neophytes with not much knowledge on training who begin with SS wanting different results. They might not be able to get it below without statins, but they can bring it down in some cases hundreds of points. This, like you, allows them to finish getting it below with a much smaller dose of statins than would be required to control a cholesterol level that started out in the s.

Returning to my questions, however I am interested in knowing if there has been credible research on the role of this gene combination in high blood cholesterol and whether a genetic test might inform patients and doctors as to the best course of action. Granted that a WFPB is best. This may simply quantify vegan vs WFPB but it would be interesting to know if people with some genetic combinations have to go oil free, for example in lieu of or perhaps in addition to taking statins.

How did the Cleveland Clinic come to their conclusions that some people probably need statins? Thank you for your reply. Vegetable oils can be as bad or worse than animal fats.

I had to cut all fat to reverse diabetes, so pretty sure it could prevent and reverse a lot of others issues too. Is there anything on the scientific literature against this claim? I humbly think these points should be attended. It can be exhausting dealing with the same myths over and over. Greger addressed this particular myth about a year ago. See what you think: They BOTH damage the endothelial lining in our arteries. What would you provide as citation supporting your ideas on cholesterol?

Sad that this is the world we live in. That now Capitalism trumps public health and safety. Those with the money get to dictate policy regardless of evidence to the contrary if it affects the bottom line. Write the title of studies showing that it is indeed not OK to eat eggs in the margin, and then give the answer you need to pass the test.

I remember facing something similar once and it surprised me how hard it was to give the answer they wanted. No idea WHY high-dose statins benefited people suffering from macular degeneration could it be the cholesterol-lowering effect?

Might be because statins reduce inflammation. But there are way healthier ways to reduce inflammation and macular degeneration—like eating lots of greens, fruits and veggies. I understand that whole eggs might have a lot of cholesterol but what about egg whites only. What if you have an egg white omelet every morning with veggies instead of sausage and bacon.

Does that still spike your cholesterol? Why would you want to? Much better for you, or oatmeal. Presumably the only way for the body to get rid of arterial plaque and excess cholesterol would be in carrying it to the colon through the blood?

Just a loose thought rolling around in my brain lately ;- And no, the person losing significant amounts of weight is, sadly, not me. So I would say that it would represent a pretty small portion of any circulating cholesterol. If this is anything like the dynamics going on, then only when cholesterol levels drop below the saturation level will it move out of the foam cells and into the blood. Still it could hold it to slightly below the saturation level until the reservoir of cholesterol is exhausted and then cholesterol levels continue to decline.

That was what my daughter thought might be what happened to me. It is such an important nutrient that the body saves it in the liver which then returns it to the body when it is needed for one of its many functions. It apparently is only a problem when it collects on walls of arteries.

The body carries excess cholesterol to the gut not through the blood but through the bile, and those who lose weight fast are known to develop cholesterol gallstones, which supports your argument. I sort of have a similar theory, but I also remember one of the NutritionFacts videos showing that loss of weight can lower cholesterol regardless of how the weight is lost, even if through diseases like cancer.

Generally speaking, cholesterol goes down when you lose weight. This article by David Katz is worth reading http: They sure have helped me! Cholesterol in animal foods goes straight to the blood and tissues raising its levels obviously. It would make sense not to eat cholesterol if the levels are high instead of saying it is OK. But the government does care about health, just not our health.

Small farmers might have been the focus in the 19th century, but today that mandate has turned the USDA a marketing arm of Big Crap. So while we now know that the most profitable products of the US food industries are injurious to human health, the USDA literally can not care about those negative health effects because that would require it to take actions that reduce corporate profits, something it is forbidden to do. Not just slightly overweight, but obese. Use coconut oil or butter.

Eat fresh, free range, grass fed eggs raw. They will not poison you. No one got sick. Americans were thin to average, but low-fat, low-cholesterol items were hard to find in the grocery store. I seldom heard of anyone having a heart attack back then.

One of the flaws in your logic is right at the beginning: Data shows that this is not true. There are other problems with your logic, but this seems like a pretty good point to stop at. I share your concern about the health of Americans, but if you want to know the cause of our bad health and obesity issues and whether or not eggs are healthy, I invite you to explore the scientific studies discussed on this site.

You need to read more carefully. I did not say cut out, I said cut dangerously back. Further, when it is discovered arteries are covered with cholesterol, it is not because of too much dietary cholesterol. When these arteries are examined, cholesterol is mistakenly given as the cause of the damage. It is the free radical, not the cholesterol. You can do the rest of your homework on your own.

That low-fat garbage is full of additives to make it palatable while the good stuff is removed. I think you fundamentally misunderstand what is being advocated as part of a Whole-food, Plant-based diet.

Thea was saying that Americans were given the advice to cut back on the amount of fat, especially saturated fat that they ate. You are laboring under the misconception that Americans actually followed that advice. They never ever did. They continued to eat the same amount of fat that they always did, and in fact started eating a little more.

The response to this advice was that the typical American added a lot more refined sugar and refined carbohydrates and animal protein to their diet. So fat as a percentage of total calories did go down a little, but again not because people ate fewer grams of fat, but because they ate so much more, as you very correctly point out, crap.

They were unhealthy when they ate a lot of fat and less junk and they are even less healthy now that they eat a lot of fat and more junk. The advice to actually cut back on the number of grams of fat consumed was and still is excellent advice. To bad people never took it. The science is very clear, people who eat more whole plant foods are healthy in direct proportion to the percentage of their calories they get from these foods.

It is the subject of thousands of research papers including those who looked at groups of people number in the hundreds of thousands. If we want to be healthy we need to eat like they do.

The science does fully support your recommendation to eat lots of whole fruits and vegetables and to get exercise. You will get no argument here on that. I know that you got a bit of a rough reception here, including a few by me, sorry about that, but if you stick around and especially if you mine the years worth of videos on this site you might find something worth knowing.

To clarify what I wrote: American have not cut back in any way on fat or cholesterol. The levels have stayed the same. So, even though the advice is to cut back, we are not doing it. Low fat and zero dietary cholesterol are shown again and again and again for many decades to be the healthiest way to eat. Your body makes all of the cholesterol that it needs. And in fact, as shown by the studies linked to in the blog post, dietary cholesterol raises serum cholesterol. You and I can agree that the low fat processed products people are buying are typically unhealthy.

But those products are not unhealthy because they are low fat. Those products are unhealthy because they are full of highly processed foods devoid of vital nutrients and at the same time are high in calories.

This site is all about the science. I have one more thought for you: To my knowledge, there is only one type of diet that has been clinically shown to reverse heart disease — and that is a low fat, whole plant food based diet. There is no other diet shown in peer reviewed medical literature to actually reverse heart disease. And this phenomenon has been shown in more than one study. A high carb, low fat, whole foods plant based diet reversed my diabetes and a slew of health issues, unlike any other diet was able to do, and there are plenty of others who are happy to attest to same, and more.

It worked remarkably well for the dying, but a bit limited for the living being as it was just white rice, fruit, fruit juice and table sugar. Excess glucose is just a symptom of diabetes, the cause is FAT.

Hi Vege-tater, I just want to clarify one thing. Now that changes as nursing progresses, both throughout one nursing bout as well as across the infants lifespan. Same snake oil just a better marketing team these days.

You are willfully choosing to ignore the mountain of evidence that Dr Greger presents on this site proving that animal products high in sat fat and cholesterol are the number one reason we have the chronic disease epidemic we see today. Your vicious, bitter heart is going to kill you faster than any diet on the planet. It completely ignores what we know about animal sentience.

Years ago, one of the thoughts that helped me to get past the idea that killing a non-human animal a certain way was OK was to ask myself the question: What would that look like? Lots of people get sick every year from salmonella poisoning from eggs. I use to get that same raw egg cracked into my orange julius at the mall you speak of and guess what?

I got sick as a dog a few times right after drinking that bacteria shake. You are choosing to ignore all the negatives about eggs because you like to eat them. Lots of people get sick from produce, meat, all sorts of things. Get them from a farm. You will not get sick. People get sick from animal products and their residue. People need to get over themselves. I never claimed to know you, Just claimed that eating raw eggs runs the risk of making you throw up, miss work and stuck to the toilet for a day with the worst stomach ache imaginable.

The science behind a whole food plant based diet is not based on a single study done decades ago. It is based on thousands of different studies. Yours is some of the most dangerous dietary recommendation that I could ever imagine.

Raw eggs from any source are not just a possible, but likely source of salmonella poisoning. Do it long enough and you will get sick. Get sick while your immune system is down or while you are young and it can be fatal. Even the most vocal advocates of eggs knows enough to never recommend they be eaten raw! The fact is that Americans are eating more fat and fewer carbs now than before the First World War.

They are also eating a lot more calories. How can you claim this? US heart disease death rates peaked in and have been declining ever since. It is much better to look at what the actual science shows as opposed to what charlatans say. How sad you have been brainwashed by the Weston-Price cult and the fraud that is Gary Taubes et al. If people had cut back on fat who was eating all the Krispy creme doughnuts? But you have come to the right place. Watch the video shorts here, check the cited studies and learn.

You can get healthier and save the planet. Lundell is just another low carber with an agenda. He advocates beef and high-fat diets. He is not to be trusted as he is another MD looking to profit from todays health confusion about sat fat and cholesterol.

Here is a post from a popular low carb forum that advocates the same type of high-fat dangerous diet this Dr prescribes. I think we should all pause and read this and really let it soak in just how much of a ticking time bomb low-carb diets high in animal foods are. A catheter was inserted into my right wrist, clot sorted out how do they do that? I eat fish, organic grass fed beef, lamb and free range chicken, loads of organic veg, organic fruit, butter from grass fed cows, organic beef fat from grass fed cattle, olive oil, lots of herbs, spices, turmeric, organic cocoa powder and chocolate, loads of eggs, some cheese from grass fed cattle — all sat fat but not to excess.

After the stent fitting etc, while in hospital, I was told that my total cholesterol level was 5. I am utterly confused as to why this should happen?

Any ideas where I have gone wrong? I am 63 years old, male, slim lbs 6 feet tall and, apart from sever asthma, I had always thought of myself as pretty fit. Of course, friends are already mentioning my sat fat diet! Here is the link if anyone cares to help him.

This is a joke right? The Australian National Review is not a solid publication. This appears all too typical of the people who argue saturated fat and cholesterol are good for you or at least harmless.

Can you please guide me to an article or to a video about the arguments stated in the video I posted above? You can find it free online at — Atkinsexposed. Taubes evidently interviewed a number of prominent obesity researchers and then twisted their words. The article seemed to claim that experts recommended the diet. What the researchers stressed was how dangerous saturated fat and meat consumption could be, but Taubes seemed to have conveniently left it all out.

He sort of set me up… I was horrified. There is only one MD in this video. The other is a snake oil selling journalist Gary Taubes. OBTW, the video you have linked to is addressed in this series.

And please forgive the sometimes snarky tone of the creator of these videos. It is very difficult to keep a sense of detachment after researching Taubes for very long. Thank you, I am glad that I watched these videos by Plant Positive based on your suggestion. It helped me clear more things in my mind. You should use the NFacts search box to find the information you need. Lot in there, in addition to Plantpositive analysis. They are like mechanics, keeping your engine humming smoothly along as you follow their directions ….

Worse yet are the ones who take payoffs to bark for the pushers. We hope that NutritionFacts. I hope so too, but the sad truth is not much will change until it affects the bottom line of those not especially motivated to broaden their knowledge.. Certainly not because of the classes they get in medical school.

But the training in biochemistry plus training in logic and reasoning as part of diagnostic training does give them the tools they need to educate themselves independent of their medical training. This is what the best do. The trouble is that a lot of the medical training they do receive emphasizes reductive thinking rather than the Whole-istic approach advocated by T.

But the many doctors that have recently joined NutritionFacts as moderators as well as several who are long time commentators show that the tide might be turning on this as truly preventative and lifestyle medicine seems to be gaining mainstream traction. When there is a profit to be made, some people will sell out in a blink.

Taubes is a notorious sell out and manipulates facts to fit his agenda. I wonder how Taubes really eats in private. All the nutrients are in the yolk, so aside from the marginal protein in an egg whites which you could easily get from plants why eat it at all? Dietary cholesterol is not only unnecessary it would seem Dr.

I read an article that said what is bad about whites is counter-acted by the yoke and vice versa. It is true that egg whites contribute little nutritionally. I feel as though most people are eating egg whites for that protein boost. I hope this is helpful! Campbell saying the protein without the fat on board such as in egg whites can still cause cancer. I would avoid animal products period if you want to optimize your health. How about those of us who eat eggs but carefully discard the yolks?

Can we assume that such egg consumption will not adversely influence our cardiovascular health? Hi Len, Thank you so much for your question. Given that egg yolks are the part of the egg that contains cholesterol, it is true that by not eating the yolk, you avoid eating the cholesterol that contributes to atherosclerosis.

Unfortunately, however, egg whites do not contribute much nutritionally, especially compared to their plant-based protein counterparts. In fact, egg whites can cause elevations in blood insulin levels, as Dr. I hope you find this helpful!

What about egg whites? This is a very common question when we start to talk about the cholesterol in eggs. While the cholesterol and saturated fat can be found in the yolks, the egg whites are not healthy either! See below for my standard answer.

Does this help anyone? Egg whites are likely a big problem health-wise, just like the yolks. It is true that egg whites do not have cholesterol. But egg whites are essentially all animal protein.

IGF-1 helps cancer to grow. Then you will have seen the entire series. When animal protein putrefies in the gut, it can lead to the production of the rotten egg gas, hydrogen sulfide, which, over and above its objectionable odor, can produce changes that increase cancer risk.

Putrefying protein also produces ammonia. Darryl at one point reminded me of the methionine issue. Greger did a nice video showing the link between methionine and cancer. In its associations with cardiovascular disease and other disorders, homocysteine may be functioning partly as a marker for the major culprit, excess methionine.

Greger has posted some videos on how animal protein can raise insulin levels. The first of the following videos even specifically addresses egg whites. And there is some good evidence that egg white consumption contributes to heart disease and potential problems with T2 diabetes by raising insulin levels in a bad way. All of these reductionist-type studies lend support the bigger general population studies showing that the healthiest populations on earth are those which eat the least amount of animal protein.

Why not get your protein from safe sources? Sources which are known to have lots of positive health effects and will naturally give you a balanced amount of protein? What about this new study that was mentioned here. In Western countries, people are likely to eat more refined carbs, oils and other processed foods which are just as unhealthy as cholesterol containing foods. However ward studies, where these other dietary factors are controlled, do show that reducing dietary cholesterol reduces blood cholesterol which in turn can be expected to reduce cardiovascular disease and events eg.

The problems with trying to measure the effect of dietary cholesterol on cardiovascular risk, especially in high risk countries, have been known for a very long time. It is why the egg industry likes to fund studies that they already know will find a null result.

This long paper on he issues is well worth a read if oyu have the time: I usually eat those instead of whole eggs. At worst I might have 1 egg with a bunch of whites to make up an quiche, omelette or foo yung. All animal proteins have effects on the body that are harmful long term. Also animal proteins contain a much higher amount of sulfur containing amino acids than plant proteins and so cause dietary acidosis.

Acidic blood is hard on the kidneys and bones. For more I recommend this group of videos on this site for the issues related to animal protein. You will not get the benefits of a whole food plant-based diet using egg whites. Just try it for 30 days. A lot of my protein comes from hemp hearts seeds. All 21 amino acids including taurine in good quantity plus very healthy fats. As you get older your body might not make all the ones it used to or not as much as you need.

Having a plant based source is great. I think you meant to say that saturated fat bumps cholesterol up less than dietary cholesterol, but together, they greatly increase blood cholesterol.

OMG what a piece of crap that is, how do they even get away with such BS? I was flabbergasted, talk about corporate propaganda! Seriously, people rely on them and Dr Oz for medical advice?

As you probably already know that Dr. Mark Hyman switched Bill Clinton from a Vegan diet back to meat-eating. Here is a recent statement by Dr.

Mark Hyman where he claims that what matters is oxidized cholesterol and he keeps bombing with his arguments. Please see only the period of 40 seconds from He makes a lot of statements in this specific video and I am not sure what to think for some of his specific arguments. He makes a lot of false claims and cites no evidence. This subject has been extensively studied over the years. Other specific measures have been found to be associated with incidence or progression of CVD by only a minority of studies.

More recently, Dr Greger has produced a good video on the topic also which refers to relevant research since This video is also worth watching: The best one can say about Hyman is that he tells a lot of half truths as well as making false claims.

That reminds me of a few years ago when Dr. Oz then received a letter from a number of people at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons taking him to task. The idea that large LDL particles cannot enter the arterial wall and cause atherosclerosis is factually incorrect. And incidentally re Clinton, I noticed he was quoted just recently as saying that he likes the vegan diet best. I can see a lot of people questioning those sugar guidelines, though.

The contradictions just keep coming. I took a probiotic daily with about billion organisms L. And the treatment was given to my on February to kill the bacteria H. What is going on there?? And who was the one person when through all the comments Dr. Incidentally it put me in mind of the episode described in T. What about the Framingham Study that demonstrated that dietary intake of cholesterol has no impact on the level of cholesterol in your blood?

Here are a few NF videos that might help answer the question. This is like the difference between throwing a cup of gasoline on a roaring bonfire compared to throwing that same cup on a tiny little campfire.

The thing is that a truly healthy blood cholesterol level is the equivalent of the little campfire putting out just enough heat to keep you warm. I do eat some saturated fat in the form of nuts and coconut oil. This seems to be hereditary, since my mom and grandmother have it too. Can anyone tell me if there is anything I can do to decrease my ldl cholesterol, or if I am at high risk of heart disease?

Any help would be much appreciated! The nearly uniformly low cholesterol in populations that traditionally eat a low fat plant based diet would seem to be a strong indicator that genetics are not the sole controlling factor for high cholesterol. More likely genetics influences who responds more strongly to dietary factors, with those who do having to be extra vigilant. You just might be somebody whose cholesterol making mechanism is extremely sensitive to dietary fat.

As for what to add to your diet, there are a number of videos on this website that can shed some light on items to add to your diet. For example adding foods high in fiber and phytosterols can help. The best source of phytosterols are seeds, such as sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds, so that might be an exception to the no fatty food rule. Nuts are on the list of good phytosterol foods, but lower down and so maybe stick with some seeds to maximize the cholesterol lowering effect.

High fiber chick peas plus high phytosterol sesame seeds would seem to make humus a cholesterol lowering powerhouse!. So if the trial diet does indeed move the needle with respect to cholesterol, then you will have a valuable data point on which to make dietary decisions.

Seems worth the effort to me. Thank you so much for the great advice. I probably do eat way too much saturated fat in the forms of coconut oil, dark chocolate, and nuts. The New Zealand Heart Foundation has just changed its recommendations for egg intake: They claim saturated fatty acids have a bigger influence on cholesterol than cholesterol intake itself.

Has this supposedly reputable organisation become influenced by the egg industry or have they based their advice on flawed research? Certainly looks like it has been hoodwinked like so many other nutritional organizations that really should be capable of better reasoning than this.

This is like saying that the harm from stabbing yourself with a knife with a 1 inch blade is less harmful than stabbing yourself with a knife with a 3 inch blade, so can feel free to stab ourselves with a 1 inch knife as often as we want to. The part that also gets to me is that organizations like this seem to gloss over how much dietary cholesterol and saturated fat, while separate, go hand in hand. If these people are going to acknowledge that saturated fat has an effect, how do they turn around and say that eggs are OK for people with heart disease?!?

This sentence is so blatantly full of misdirection, it takes my breath away: Hi, my dad has a low cholesterol in blood but he has a very high blood pressure. You can find a lot of videos on this site that cover high blood pressure. The topic page for high blood pressure can be found here: Note this first paragraph: Ancel Keys has long been debunked. You guy with your fake, weak research will never realize. Sure a food our ancestors ate for hundreds of thousands of years creates a new disease.

That is the number one validation of your adherence to false statistics. I think Dr Gs research is crystal clear, animal products cause disease and are associated with a sicker, shorter lifespan.

No… Ancel Keys has not been debunked, but he has been attacked by misinformed people like you. I just heard Dr. Gabriel Cousens says that it is a myth that dietary cholesterol is dangerous — and he is a proponent of veganism he has no interest in promoting eating of animals! There has got to be a debate some time in the near future. This has to be resolved.

Wallach is another hack cashing in on the high fat diet fad. He is another snake oil salesman. I think these types of posts are meant to be sneaky advertisements for other Drs books and products. Please let the moderators decide which posts are legitimate or not. Lots of people out there are understandably confused with all the contradictory information thrown their way.

It is perfectly reasonable that a lot of people would come to NutritionFacts and ask questions. Your respectful replies to such posts would be welcome. We have a strong rule against ad hominem attacks. I think you just have to stick with what the majority of good-quality and non-industry-funded research shows. Obviously there are plenty of examples of fast-food-eating cigarette smokers who live into their 80s and beyond, BUT on a population level these people get sick and die at a far younger age.

My whole point was that these things need to be ironed out. In other words, he appears to be catering toward a market within scientifically ignorant, deep alt-med communities with some significant tendencies toward the naturalistic fallacy. His discussion of the link between cognition and serum cholesterol is also pretty unsophisticated, too, and could easily be produced merely by echoing the opinion of bloggers from the cholesterol denialist fringe, or from the fringe psychiatric M.

I think it would be reasonable. You never mentioned that he was an M.

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